The Hidden Secret to Achieving that Resolution? Knowing What Motivates You.

The new year is upon us. And while it’s too early to ask how that resolution is coming along, it is a good time to investigate what drives our behavior and understand how we can turn motivation into action.


The party hats are put away, the champagne bottles are in the re-cycling bin and the revelry is but a fond memory.

Now it’s time to get down to the real business of 2016: Achieving that New Year’s resolution. Continue reading

7 Better Ways to Stand by Your New Year’s Resolution

I did it again; I made a New Year’s resolution. To be honest, many of my previous ones ended in “Oops. I did it again!” In other words, I failed at my New Year’s resolution.

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I know I’m not the only one. Every year about half of us make New Year’s resolutions, and every year about half of us fail. In fact, of the millions of resolutions made, just 8% are kept. Whatever the reason, the 92% of us who make resolutions and fail can take perverse comfort that not only are we in good company, but that New Year’s resolutions, like promises, are apparently made to be broken. Continue reading

Better New Year Resolutions? Three suggestions: S, M and XXL.

by  Louise Harder Fischer

The end of the year is magical. It represents both an end AND a beginning. It is a time of reflection and a time for renewing. To me, it is about looking back at the year to reflect upon the things that were good – and not so good. Then it is about looking forward at the year to come and try to imagine what could be a driver for a change to the better.

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I research in “new ways of working.” And to be honest, we could improve so much in this area. In the realm of this, I have three suggestions on inspirations for a New Year’s resolution: A small one, a medium-sized one and an extra-extra-large one. You decide, of course. Continue reading