Will my Bluetooth headphones work with my [blank]?

Finding out whether your Bluetooth headset or headphones will actually work with your phone, tablet, or computer is kind of a big deal. Here’s what you need to know about that.

Man holding a smart phone

Bluetooth has become ubiquitous nowadays. You find it in phones, headsets, smart fridges, and – yes – even socks. Yet when it comes to figuring out whether your Bluetooth headset will work with a phone in your hand or a computer at your desk, people often have doubts.

Well, if you must take just one thing away from this post, here it is:

All Bluetooth headsets should work with all Bluetooth smartphones, tablets, and computers
That’s because…

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Why You Should Call Someone – NOW!

Has chat and e-mail numbed our person-to-person conversational skills to the extent that we never talk anymore? We stand to gain significantly from the “meaningful conversation.” That is, communicating the old-fashioned way: by phone.  

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I can’t deny it: I write A LOT of e-mails. But I’ve recently noticed an interesting trend, especially among younger employees. In two-out-of-three cases, they would rather start an online chat than picking up the phone and simply calling someone they want to ask a question. Continue reading