Jabra Insider: Durability testing

To most people, a headset is just one of the many gadgets they use on a daily basis. Yet it takes an impressive amount of testing and development to get that headset into your hands and make sure it works as expected.

In our “Jabra Insider” series, you get a behind-the-scenes look at the often fascinating journey a headset makes from an idea to your ear. We’ve already covered headset comfort and the sound lab in previous posts.

Today’s final chapter is about durability testing: How do we make sure your headset doesn’t break as soon as you touch it?

Jabra Steel

As you might suspect, Jabra headsets aren’t just hastily slapped together and rushed directly to your nearest retail store; they go through rigorous durability tests to make sure they live up to specifications and last a long time without breaking.

To learn more about how this happens, I’ve spoken to Li Li, Director of Product Quality at Jabra. Here’s what I learned: Continue reading