Enhanced Jabra and Unify Square partnership to ignite UC user adoption

Available now, parts of Jabra’s Xpress asset management system functionality has been incorporated into Unify Square’s PowerSuite solution – and more will follow. This will enable IT departments to more easily monitor and manage all Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams assets and drive greater user adoption of Unified Communications.

When it comes to job responsibilities, perhaps no one in the organization wears more hats than today’s IT administrator: Technical wizard, futurist, data-security guru, coach, counselor – and, increasingly, firefighter.

In fact, perhaps the biggest frustration among IT professionals is too much time spent troubleshooting problems – and not enough time driving critical initiatives like Unified Communications. Continue reading

Why “Work from Anywhere” Got Bad Press

Despite reports to the contrary, there’s little to fear – and much to gain – from the new way of working known as “Work from Anywhere.”

The headlines were worrying:

“Beware of the Dark Side” to working from anywhere!

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The World’s Greatest Auto-Reply Message

How far are you willing to go to tell your coworkers that you need some time to concentrate and get your work done? Check out the automated reply one of my colleagues just began using.

Do not cross

I just received this amazing auto-reply from a colleague I just emailed, and I just had to share it: Continue reading

It’s Time to Redefine IT “Success”

For too long, we as IT professionals have defined success as an on-time, on-budget technology deployment. But that isn’t success; in fact, it’s just the beginning.


It’s almost time for the world’s biggest TV event: The Super Bowl of American football. (Yes, we Europeans tune in for the big game too – and not just to check out the quirky commercials!)

While watching highlights from past contests, an infamous play from 1993 grabbed my attention. A defensive player for the Dallas Cowboys had recovered a fumbled ball and was rumbling toward an easy score. But he began celebrating too early and an opponent swatted the ball away, depriving him of the touchdown.

I’ve noticed a parallel between that premature celebration gone awry and how we as IT professionals celebrate our success – often also prematurely – in implementing new technologies. Continue reading

5 tips for making Skype for Business pay off

Skype for Business (formerly Microsoft Lync) is an increasingly popular UC solution. However, deploying Skype for Business doesn’t automatically guarantee a quick return on investment. To improve your chances, it’s good to look at best practices.

Businessman talking in the office

Jabra happens to be one company that successfully implemented Skype for Business. In the words of Jabra’s COO, Deborah Wenger:

“Our products are not only an important component of a successful UC solution, but we significantly improved processes, shifted corporate culture, and realized meaningful return on investment as a result of our own Skype for Business deployment.”

Let’s look at five key aspects that helped Skype for Business pay off in Jabra – to the tune of four-to-one ROI in the first year alone. Continue reading