Why a Nice Lunch Beats Facebook and LinkedIn – Every Time

Emails, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other digital solutions are great for information sharing but are killing innovation, collaboration, and efficiency in modern knowledge-based companies. It’s time to enter the era of meaningful conversation. I just rediscovered an old book that shows us how.

Just the other day I finished re-reading the New York Times bestseller, “Never eat alone,” written by Keith Ferrazzi. The book is basically a cookbook in achieving success by building and utilizing your personal network to get better jobs, more business, new opportunities, or whatever you crave in life.

The concept is simple: if you build a large personal network, the network will, over time, reward you with more opportunities in life. All you need is to plan your targets and execute your plan, and, of course, buy Mr. Ferrazzi’s book.

“Never eat alone” is about your personal success; re-reading the book made me realize that it also holds a hidden gem for the successful companies of the future. Continue reading

Introducing the Swiss Army Knife of Customer Service Tools

Today’s consumers increasingly demand customer service on their terms. Maybe it’s time to follow the example of Dutch airline KLM and get more familiar with one of the customer service apps that does it all.


We all know that customers have different preferences for how they want to access customer service. Some want to dial a number while others prefer to type out an email, use an app or visit our website.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was just one app that could accommodate every possible customer-service preference?

There is, and it can. Continue reading

These four jobs will soon go bye-bye

Don’t panic! You won’t lose your job tomorrow. But thanks to the ongoing digital revolution, Generation Z will live in a world where these four jobs will morph into something else entirely…and that’s good news.

Social media icons being pressed

Thanks to modern technology, our workplace changes fast these days. Jobs that didn’t exist yesterday suddenly become indispensable; others job are doomed to quietly disappear or give way to new ones. You’ll probably be seeing fewer and fewer postal workers around, as snail mail becomes a relic of the past. On the other hand, we’re bound to start hearing about certified Pokémon GO consultants any day now.

Similarly, some corporate positions will also go the way of the dodo. They won’t disappear completely, mind you. They’ll simply adapt to the modern age. Here are four of them, but I’m sure you can think of more.

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The Right Quote, at the Right Moment, Will Make a Difference

Inspirational quotes are everywhere, providing unwanted advice on everything from our love lives to working out to the meaning of life. We can’t stand them, but, under the right circumstances, we actually draw inspiration from them.


Is it just me – or are inspirational quotes everywhere these days?

While checking Facebook the other day I was advised to “Live every day like it’s your last.”

Then as I clicked over to LinkedIn, I learned that “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.”

So I headed to my local football club to watch the game and get away from the well-meaning intrusiveness of social media philosophy, only to learn from an inscription on a wall at the stadium that “Winners never quit. Quitters never win.” Continue reading