Jabra Insider: The sound lab

To most people, a headset is just one of the many gadgets they use on a daily basis. Yet it takes an impressive amount of testing and development to get that headset into your hands and make sure it works as expected.

In our “Jabra Insider” series, you get a behind-the-scenes look at the often fascinating journey a headset makes from an idea to your ear. The first chapter of the series talked about headset comfort.

Today’s post is all about sound: How does Jabra make sure your headset sounds great on both ends of the call and performs well in noisy and windy conditions?

Sound lab - speaker in anechoic chamber

When you buy a headset, you naturally expect it to not sound terrible. That seems obvious, but you might not realize just how many different sound tests Jabra headsets go through to live up to their promise of great quality sound. Continue reading