On the Phone a Lot? Your Work Type Reveals How You Are Most Productive

The right working environment makes all the difference for employees who spend time talking on the phone. Here’s how to create an environment that increases the productivity and satisfaction of your call-centric workers.

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What do a private banker and a contact center agent have in common?

Both are among the legions of workers who rely on updated versions of a 19th century tool – the telephone – as an indispensable part of doing business.

The telephone is perhaps more vital to business today than ever. It enables the most powerful form of communication: conversation. In an increasingly digital world, we still want to ask questions, get instant answers, dive into the details and interact with other people. Continue reading

Do We Still Want Humans in Customer Service?

In the quest to reduce costs, many organizations are automating customer service functions. But removing the human element from customer service can be bad for business. Here’s why.

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I couldn’t believe what I’d just heard.

I was on the exhibition floor at Enterprise Connect Conference in Orlando in March last year, when I overheard a marketing executive proudly announce, “We’re automating 97% of our customer service functions….” Continue reading