Can voice analytics stem the customer-satisfaction skid?

Big data, in the form of speech analytics, is revolutionizing the way customer service is delivered. Can it jump-start stagnant customer satisfaction levels as well?

I’ll admit it. As predictions go, mine wasn’t as bold as the ones that foresaw flying cars, the end of the world or even that spam (the digital variety) would soon be eradicated from the earth.

But unlike those not-so-prescient prognostications, my prediction actually came true.

Several years ago I forecast that corporate contact centers would soon dive headlong into “big data” to provide a better, more personalized customer service experience. Continue reading

My #%@&*! Device Doesn’t Understand Me!

Are your voice-activated devices driving you crazy? You’re not alone. But that is about to change soon, as devices get smarter and begin to understand more languages.

Jabra NWoL blog 16 - language and voice devices_FINAL

I just watched a hilarious video that’s been making the rounds on YouTube for a while. In it, two businessmen are stuck in a voice-activated elevator because it won’t recognize their Scottish accents. No matter how hard they try, it won’t budge, alternately replying to each command with “Could you please repeat that?” or “Please speak slowly and clearly.” Continue reading

It Isn’t Just What You Say, But How It Sounds When You Say It

Want to get people to listen to you? Remember that the sound of the words you use is as important as the words you choose.

Jabra NWoL blog 15 - The sound of voice_FINAL


I’ll confess. I never considered how important the sound of our voices can be until recently.

I was attending a presentation on personal finances, hosted by a speaker who had an impeccable credentials and a great reputation. But minutes into his lecture, my mind began to wander… and wander… and wander…. Continue reading