Taking sound to a whole new dimension

Join us on a 3D Tour of one of the world’s most sophisticated sound labs

Making world-class audio devices requires dedicated development, and some seriously rigorous testing. Here’s a sneak peek inside the heart of our company – the GN Sound Laboratories.

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The GN Sound Lab is where sound takes form, and where form meets function. This is where our “innovations come to life.” The Lab is located at Jabra headquarters, just outside of Copenhagen, Denmark – the world’s capital of sound engineering.

In this 3D video experience, we give you an exclusive look inside one of the world’s most advanced audio R&D facilities. Until today, this opportunity was limited to customers and business partners who visited our HQ. Now we’re bringing the experience, in a format as close to real life as possible, to people around the world.

So, if you’re curious about what goes into creating best-in-class, engineered-for-purposed audio devices, now’s your chance to see how great sound is made.

The 3D Tour takes you from our reception all the way through the building, and includes visits to the anechoic chamber, antenna test facilities, and much more – all guided by Sune Sørensen, one of our Product Marketing Managers.

The tour lasts 11 minutes in total, but if you want to skip a scene or jump directly to a certain part of the lab, please use the quick links below or in the YouTube Description field.

Enjoy – it’s a tour like no other!