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September 1, 2016
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For decades we’ve enjoyed the freedom to take our music with us wherever we go. Today we begin a new era of freedom.

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The year was 1979. It was a time of big hair, big platform shoes, big bellbottom jeans and the big beats of disco music. Donna Summer, the Bee Gees and the Village People ruled the music charts.

But if you wanted to listen to “YMCA” while taking your after-work run through the park, you were out of luck, because the electronics of the day were – you guessed it – big. Taking your tunes with you meant perching a massive boom box on your shoulder or having a friend follow along in a car, stereo blasting all the way.

And then came a product that changed everything. Sony’s Walkman debuted, and was an instant hit. Unlike everything else on the market, it was small – at least by 1970s standards. With it, we finally had the freedom to take our own music with us, and listen to it without being announce to others.

Today, at Jabra we’re celebrating a new era in the way we listen to audio as we unveil our latest sports earbuds; Jabra Elite Sport.

Bluetooth has eliminated wires between your headphones and music devices since the early ‘00s, and today we eliminate the final cord between your right and left earbud. Jabra Elite Sport, also delivers more battery life than any other product in the market – more than enough to cover my (and most others’) need for a full day of workout.

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By putting our everyday workout and need for wireless freedom at center stage, Jabra Elite Sport is the perfect example of how technology can adapt to humans instead of us having to adapt to it.

The Right Technology at the Right Time

Let’s face it. Our increasingly fast-paced work and personal lives mean we have less time in the day. And more stress. To cope, we need to be able to exercise when we want, the way we want – and get maximum benefits from each workout.

We need true wireless freedom.

True freedom means putting aside all distractions, focusing and becoming one with our exercise routines. Freedom means taking on even the most strenuous workout confident that we can move about naturally and without restriction. It means having the soundtrack to our fitness session in our ears all workout long, whether we’re sprinting down a track, running a marathon or spending an entire afternoon cycling.

True freedom means keeping a watchful eye on our heart rate and overall fitness. Yet pushing to work harder, faster and better…. And knowing when we’ve done enough, so we can do it all over again the following day.

We’ve come a long way since 1979.

Introducing the Jabra Elite Sport. Welcome to a new era of freedom.

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