Triple connectivity in office headsets – the case of Jabra PRO 9470

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June 12, 2015
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We’ve learned about multipoint a while ago. To recap: Multipoint lets you use one Bluetooth headset to connect to two phones simultaneously. Today, we’ll look at how modern professional headsets take this concept even further, letting you do some pretty cool things…as far as calls go, that is.

Man Using Jabra Pro 9400

While Bluetooth multipoint is limited to two simultaneous connections, some professional headsets let you connect up to three phones at once. Let’s use the Jabra PRO 9470 headset as an example. (Some other headsets, like the PRO 9465 Duo work the same way.)

The Jabra PRO 9470 has a special base that connects to traditional deskphones and so-called softphones (a laptop using Skype, for example). This base also doubles as a docking and charging station for the headset itself.

Remember our earlier post about choosing between DECT and Bluetooth technologies? Well, in a way, Jabra PRO 9470 delivers the best of both worlds: The base uses DECT to maintain a solid, long-range connection with the headset (up to 100 meters), but it can also connect to a separate smartphone via Bluetooth.

So now you can have not just two but three devices connected to a single headset: deskphone, softphone, and smartphone. Meh – big deal – right? While this may not sound like a major improvement, here are a few fancy features you get out of this triple connectivity.

Manage calls easily

Now that you’re connected to three different phones, you get to control all of them from a single place. The Jabra PRO 9470 comes with a touch screen that acts as a mini control center for your calls.

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Jabra PRO9400 Touch Screen Base
“Hi, I’m the Jabra PRO 9470 touch screen base.”

The touch screen shows you which phone is ringing and lets you answer any call by just…touching the screen. This works whether you’re currently on another call or not. On top of that, the base lets you do all the standard stuff, like muting your calls, switching between phones, controlling volume, and so on.

Pretty basic so far. But it’s with the conference calls where things really get interesting…

Merge calls into a conference

Letting you talk on three separate phones isn’t all the Jabra PRO 9470 is about. You also get to merge these calls together into a conference.

Say you’re on a call with Suzy from accounting. Suzy would like to have your bank manager on the line. (Let’s pretend you have a dedicated bank manager for the sake of this example.) You use the touch screen to put Suzy on hold and dial your bank manager from your smartphone. Once he picks up, you simply touch the screen again to merge the two calls, and – voila – you’re now using French words. Also, you’re now effectively on a conference call with Suzy and your bank manager.

This works across all connected phones and works just as well for incoming calls. So in our above example, you could get the bank manager to dial you instead, answer his call, and then merge the calls together.

Merge headsets into a conference

But wait, there’s more!

Not only can you add more calls to the same conference, other people with Jabra PRO headsets can join your existing call. All it takes is pairing their headsets with your PRO 9470 base, and they’re ready to tune in. This way, you could have the colleagues in your office listening in while Suzy and your bank manager discuss your financial situation. Whether you’d want to do that is another story.

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But don’t listen to me, watch this video instead. Marketing gurus tell me that videos are more engaging:

You can have up to four separate Jabra PRO headsets connected to the same base. For those who’re counting, that’s six separate people connected via one Jabra PRO 9470 base in our hypothetical scenario. You can even choose to let the four headsets stay connected after the call is over, so that your next call starts automatically in four-headset conference mode.

As you can tell, there’s quite a lot of neat stuff you can do by having your phones all connected to a single Jabra PRO 9470. You can always learn even more about the Jabra PRO 9470 by visiting Jabra.com.

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