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What are the best wireless headphones for running?

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February 13, 2015
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When you’re out for a run, the last thing you want is to have wires in your way. Not surprisingly, more and more runners are turning to wireless headphones.

Finding the best wireless headphones for running can be tricky. There are simply too many to choose from. Wireless headphones come in a range of wearing styles, designs, and price levels. Each pair has its own feature set.

Overwhelmed yet?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help. When looking for a set of wireless headphones that’s best for you, ask yourself…

Do I care about the price?

Let’s face it: Not all of us can spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of wireless headphones. If your budget is tight, there are plenty of cheaper models available. They might not have all the bells and whistles of expensive wireless headphones, but they’ll get the job done.

If cost isn’t an issue, investing in a higher-end model has its advantages. More advanced headphones come with a whole range of extra features, like a built-in heart rate monitor, which you may find useful.

Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless has an in-ear monitor to track your heart rate

Will I need them for more than running?

Even though you’re getting a pair of running headphones, you might still want to use them for other things. If you want to, say, listen to music on your way to the gym, you’ll want headphones that can be worn throughout the day.

Do you also want to use your headphones for calls? Hardcore runners will probably say “no.” They don’t want their training interrupted. But if you want that option, look for wireless headphones with a mic. These can be paired with your cellphone, so that you can take calls while exercising.

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How will I wear them?

Getting a good fit is essential, especially with a pair of running headphones. You don’t want them falling out whenever you turn your head, right?

Having said that, there are many wearing styles to choose from. Most headphones for running have a neckband that connects the two earpieces. This behind-the-neck wearing style works well, because it offers a secure fit while keeping the wires out of the way.

The earpieces themselves can either have clips that curl around the ear or be worn directly in your ear, like a regular pair of headphones. You’ll have to decide what you prefer.

An over-the-head model with a proper headband can also work, as long as your workout isn’t too high paced. The advantage of this wearing style is that you don’t have to worry as much about the earpieces not fitting. Keep in mind, though, that a headband tends to make the headphones a bit heavier.

Jabra Move Wireless has a headband for comfortable over-the-head wear

How tough do I need them to be?

Casual joggers may not care too much about how tough their wireless headphones are, as long as they last. But there are good reasons to look for a pair that can take some punishment.

If you sweat a lot during your workout, you’ll find wireless headphones specifically designed to be waterproof. They’ll last longer and are more hygienic—after all, you can safely wash them once you’re done.

If you mostly run outside, then look for a pair of wireless headphones that can withstand the elements. You can find headphones that aren’t afraid of dust or rain. Some are even built towards US military standards, so they’re as tough as headphones get.

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What features are a “must” for me?

There are almost limitless options when it comes to the wireless headphones features. Basic models will stay on your ears while playing music. Advanced models will measure your heart rate, let you control your music by touching the earpiece, and integrate with your favorite fitness apps like Endomondo.

Some headsets come with their own dedicated apps that help you find your resting heart rate, plan your workout, and more. Not all of these features will be useful to you, so look for a pair of headphones that give you what you want.

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