Terms and Conditions


The Jabra Employee Purchase program is by invitation or open to organisations upon application for the program.
Jabra reserves the right to cancel or extend the offer, subject to interest.
This offer is open to approved organisations in Australia and New Zealand. An approved organisation is defined as an end-customer company who’s applying representative is authorised to offer an employee purchase program within the organisation.
All applications will be qualified by a Jabra sales representative, and Jabra reserves the right to decline any application at its discretion.
Jabra employees, suppliers, distributors, alliance partners or resellers are not eligible for this program.


Once approved, the organisation will be eligible to purchase Jabra products at special discounts, at an online store exclusive to that organisation. 

Only employees of the approved organisation will be eligible to redeem through this store.
Please allow up to 20 days for access to the online store.
The discount offered to the organisation will be at the discretion of Jabra.

It is possible to trial business headsets for your organisation should you have volume requirements. Please contact Jabra Sales for more information, or apply for a trial device online.

This offer cannot be combined with any other offer or discount from Jabra

This offer is exclusive property of Jabra - and any use of unauthorised parties without verbal or written agreement with Jabra is prohibited. By participating in this programme, approved organisations and their employees accept and are bound by these Terms and Conditions.