Terms & Conditions


Amazon Connect free trial program: Qualified organizations may receive up to twenty-five (25) Jabra audio solutions to evaluate for their organization subject to the terms and conditions below.




The Amazon Connect free trial program is open to “Qualified Organizations” in the United States and Canada. A Qualified Organization is defined as company that is in the process of piloting, deploying or currently using Amazon Connect.  The Qualified Organization must have a minimum of one hundred (100) employees or have a minimum of one hundred (100) potential headset users.


Qualified Organizations can receive up to 50% of the number of seats in the trial or proof of concept, not to exceed 25 free units.  To request a free trial unit from Jabra, Qualified Organizations must fill out a request form at www.jabra.com/amazonconnect and speak with a Jabra representative.  It is at the discretion of Jabra to award free trial units to Qualified Organizations.





The offer is subject to availability. Jabra reserves the right to cancel the promotion or vary the terms and conditions without notice.
Jabra products are strictly not for resale. Any trial units identified for resale will result in legal action by Jabra.
The offer is valid for companies piloting, deploying, or using Amazon Connect.
The offer is available to organizations with one hundred (100) employees or more.  Organizations with less than one hundred (100) employees may be eligible for up to two (2) free trial devices. 
The offer is limited to one trial agreement per company location per country and not valid for partners and resellers.
The offer is valid until December 31, 2017.
Submission of false, incorrect, misleading, or fraudulent information may result in disqualification.
This is a North America offer and is governed by applicable laws in the country of the regional Jabra sales office. The free trial offer is currently available in the following countries:
United States
By participating in this program Qualified Organizations accept and are bound by these terms and conditions.