Jabra Earbud(dy)

Introducing the world’s first shared headphones, the Jabra Earbud(dy)

World’s first shared headphone - engineered for shared music moments

The headphones come with an ultra-light headband that extends seamlessly to accommodate the perfect fit for every pair of buddies, so you’ll never have to enjoy another music moment alone.

The Jabra Earbud(dy)™ comes with a unique Buddy mode that promises a shared music experience that is tailored to suit each person’s preferences.

Fans of voice command will be thrilled to know that with just one touch, the Jabra Earbud(dy)™ can connect to dual voice assistant.

The Jabra Earbud(dy) ensures a personalized experience every time so your music is tailored to your needs – even if it’s shared with someone. With summer just around the corner, there is no better time to buddy up and create wonderful music experiences with those that mean the most to you!

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Features at a glance

Perfect fit

Extendable ultra-light headband for the perfect fit


Waterproof to accommodate any weather

Voice Assistance

Smart interaction with dual voice assistant


Long-lasting battery up to 15 hrs

Shared music moments

Engineered for shared music moments

Jabra Sound+ App

One-touch Buddy mode for music personalization via the Jabra App