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Jabra Enhance Plus
Enhance Plus

Jabra Enhance™ Plus


Enhance the sound, not the noise. Never before has hearing enhancement been so compact, discreet, and easy to use.

Powerful, world-class hearing enhancement
Ultra-discreet and comfortable
State-of-the-art signal processing for incredible audio clarity

Enhance the sound,
not the noise.

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Listen Modes

Switch between Adaptive, Focus, and Surround Listen Modes, depending on your environment and hearing needs.

Adaptive mode

Adaptive mode automatically adjusts to your surroundings and the conversations around you.

Focus mode

Focus mode uses directional beamforming microphones to focus on sounds close to you, like one-on-one conversations.

Surround mode

Surround mode allows you to hear more of any surrounding ambient sound.




Up to 10 h
On a single charge
Jabra Enhance Plus
Up to 30 h
With charging case
Jabra Enhance Plus




Available colors

Product overview

Hearing enhancement

Discreet, miniaturized hearing enhancement

Hear more of what matters

4-mic technology to reduce background noise and improve speech clarity

Tiny, but mighty

Up to 30 hours battery with the charging case

Choose your Listen Mode

Choose between three Listen Modes: Adaptive, Focus, and Surround.

Small and durable

Made from strong, durable materials, Enhance Plus earbuds are built to last.

Awards and nominations

Where to buy

Jabra Enhance Plus is currently only available to buy at certified Jabra Enhance centers throughout the United States. You can use our locator tool to find your nearest Jabra Enhance certified center.

Find a certified center

Product support

Support content including User Manuals, FAQs, Video Tutorials, and more.