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Heart rate monitor

Add a whole new dimension to your exercise routine with
heart rate monitor headphones from Jabra.

Enjoy wireless sports earbuds with
built in heart rate monitor

Jabra Elite Sport

Jabra Elite Sport wireless earbuds feature superior sound quality for music and calls, and advanced wireless connectivity to ensure true performance. Independently proven to deliver the best call quality of any true wireless product using four-microphone call technology.

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Jabra Sport Pulse

Your all-in-one training solution with a built-in heart rate monitor. Made towards US Military standards, it’s sure to withstand even the hardest workout. Get immersive Dolby® sound and real-time voice coaching that helps you reach your goals.

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Why use a heart rate monitor?

Take your workout to the next level with heart rate monitor headphones from Jabra. They’re discreet and comfortable, so you can keep track of your workout’s intensity levels, all while listening to your favourite exercise playlist.

Track your workout

With a set of heart rate monitor headphones, you can add a whole new dimension to your exercise routine. The monitor lets you see just how hard your body’s working, without you having to incorporate an additional piece of tracking tech into your usual workout gear.

How do they work?

The functionality is built-in to our in-ear headphones, and measures your heart rate from your inner ear. It’s a function we’re proud to provide in our sports headphones, and something we’re also proud to say has been proven to be clinically accurate in third party research.

How do I use it?

Use your heart rate earphones with the Jabra app to monitor your heart rate, see how it changes throughout your workout, and ensure you’re getting the most from your training sessions.

In-ear headphones are a great accompaniment to exercise. Thanks to their ergonomic design, they’re comfortable, you can rely on them to stay in place, and with the added technology in the Jabra range, you can get everything you need out of your workout. Browse the full range we have available today.