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Informacje o wersjach dla

Wersja wydania: 3.1.6
Data wydania: March 26, 2024


Updated: ANC on call performance to improve experience. 
Updated: microphone noise cancellation while on a call towards background voices. 
Updated: wind noise reduction in ANC and HearThrough mode, having the microphones work better together to detect wind noise levels.
Fixed: potential lagging music experience with certain Xiaomi and Pixel phones. 
Performance and stability improvements.

Historia wydań

Wersja wydania: 2.1.8
Data wydania: January 09, 2024


New feature: option to customize Bluetooth name in Jabra Sound+*
New feature: option to toggle Auto HearThrough ON/OFF in Jabra Sound+ when used in mono mode. Feature is default ON*
o When using both earbuds in ANC or OFF mode and one is removed during streaming as an example, the earbud still in-ear will automatically switch to HearThrough.
o Auto HearThrough toggle: : Settings -> headset settings -> General -> Automatic HearThrough for mono mode
New feature: option to toggle Wind adaptive features ON/OFF via Jabra Sound+. Feature is default OFF*
o Setting is applicable for HearThrough, ANC and Sidetone.
o Wind noise reduction toggle: Settings -> personalize your headset -> Wind Noise Reduction
New feature: option to toggle Auto volume adjustment ON/OFF via Jabra Sound+. Feature is default ON*
o When is set to ON the earbuds automatically adjust the volume during a call as the ambient noise level changes, providing a clear and consistent listening experience for users.
o Auto call volume adjustment toggle: : Settings -> headset settings -> Call experience -> Automatic volume adjustment   
New feature: option to synchronize Dolby settings between two host devices connected to Jabra Elite 8 Active or Jabra Elite 10*
Updated: Adaptative ANC and Wind noise reduction performance to address certain corner case scenarios.
Updated: to new voice and tone prompts.
Updated: reduced the time it takes for the earbuds to enter pairing mode after pressing the pairing button combination.
Fixed: a bug that impacted Jabra Sound+ Equalizer setting at 1Khz and 4 Khz.
Fixed: unstable Bluetooth connection to certain Xiaomi phones.
Performance and stability improvements

*Requires Jabra Sound+ version 5.18 or newer

Wersja wydania: 1.4.2
Data wydania: September 22, 2023


Updated: spatial audio experience
Performance and stability improvements

Wersja wydania: 1.3.2
Data wydania: August 31, 2023


  • Updated: Spatial sound
  • Updated: performance when used with Jabra Sound+
  • Fixed: rare Bluetooth pairing issue
  • Performance and stability improvements

Wersja wydania: 1.2.4
Data wydania: August 31, 2023


  • First public release