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Jabra Case Study

Transformative customer service strategy at Worldline

Worldline, a leader in digital payment and transactional services, maintains a network of contact centers managing a vast range of customer interactions. With a commitment to enhancing service quality and customer experience through its Contact Centers, Worldline leveraged its proprietary Worldline Contact solution for seamless omnichannel communications. A long-time Jabra headset customer, Worldline has embraced the cutting-edge Jabra Engage AI solution for agents that acts as a personal coach, delivering real-time feedback, for tailored conversations to enhance customer satisfaction.

Key Facts

Financial services


Worldline Contact


  • Jabra Engage AI

Tackling Worldline's Contact Center challenges

As a vanguard in the payment solutions sector, Worldline places immense emphasis on their customer communications. Their contact centers serve as the critical connection to their clientele including merchants and banking end-to-end customers. Contact center teams are entrusted with responding promptly and effectively to a multitude of customer enquiries across various channels, with particular importance placed on voice communication. Teams must boost the Contact Center's performance while meeting and exceeding customer expectations, and maintaining advisors' engagement and commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences is a top priority. Advisors need immediate feedback to navigate each interaction clearly and build better rapport with customers to further enhance their customer service. and that’s where Engage AI came in.

The solution

Jabra Engage AI

  • Comprehensive view of agent engagement
  • Instant customer and agent sentiment feedback
  • No cloud or off-premises data processing
Jabra Engage AI

Revolutionizing engagement with Engage AI

Worldline’s goal is to foster empathetic customer service that really resonates with the individual needs of each customer. Many traditional analytics solutions were helpful but didn't quite meet the mark when it came to uncovering the nuanced understanding necessary to truly personalize service interactions. Engage AI changed all that.

Engage AI now serves as the advisors’ day-to-day companion acting as a self-coaching tool. With real-time display of the conversation tone and metrics such as monotony and interruptions, advisors are empowered to respond empathically. Advisors benefit from personalized reporting and dashboards to continuously enhance their own performance. Combined with Jabra’s noise cancelling headsets, customers receive a premium experience with crystal clear audio and a smooth conversation.

With its sophisticated analytics, Worldline is redefining its approach to omnichannel communication, ensuring every interaction is personal and impactful, and keeping their team at the cutting edge of customer service excellence.

Redefining conversation excellence at Worldline

Engage AI has become a crucial tool for Worldline's contact centers, offering a comprehensive solution that empowers both supervisors and advisors.

During the experimentation phase involving 20 agents across several teams in Luxembourg, over a span of 2 months, 20,000 calls were analyzed voluntarily with Engage AI.

For supervisors, Engage AI provided real-time analysis of the tone and metrics in the conversation, enabling streamlined quality monitoring, and facilitating efficient coaching and team collaboration. Supervisors received daily and weekly summaries of agent performance, ensuring consistent standards were maintained. Instant notifications highlighted ongoing calls that matched certain parameters so supervisors could provide the right support at the right moment.

Meanwhile, advisors benefited from immediate feedback on their own conversational style, gaining insight into their performance and progression. This feedback served as a powerful motivator, encouraging advisors to excel in every call and continuously improve day by day.

Overall, Engage AI not only enhanced Worldline's quality assurance but also positively contributed to the team's dynamics and individual motivation. The collection of quality KPIs related to advisor tone and conversation metrics showcased Worldline's commitment to outstanding call handling.

Worldline's strategic integration of Jabra's professional headsets and Engage AI's analytical capabilities represented a significant advancement for its contact centers, with ongoing enhancements driven by empirical performance data and agent feedback.

Tangible results from the deployment of Engage AI

Analysis of calls during the deployment highlighted a direct link with agent tone of voice, conversation quality, and length of call:

  • Remarkable improvements in real-time conversation tracking metrics for agents and supervisors,
    • Agent tone of voice was at its highest for calls of <3 minutes duration and then fell for each additional minute of the call – showing the value of quality training to close calls quickly
  • Increased visibility into agent performance, fostering a culture of continuous professional growth and achievement,
    • Quantifying the increased workload of more complex calls where agent reaction time slowed by up to 60% longer, with alerts to supervisors when support is needed during the call.
  • Streamlined supervisory practices, leading to cost-effective and efficient quality assurance.
    • Allowing Worldline to identify particular calls that warrant review based on specific criteria (for example, reaction time).

Moreover, it played a pivotal role in enhancing agent well-being in the workplace, serving as a valuable management tool for individual and workforce management.

“Engage AI provides immediate, actionable conversation insights to drive meaningful improvements and deliver concrete results to power our customer service.”

Sabrina Lehchibi, Product Marketing & Knowledge Manager, Worldline

Embracing the future of customer interactions at Worldline

Worldline is committed to revolutionizing its customer service strategy through the adoption of advanced technologies within its contact centers. The integration of Jabra Engage AI into the Worldline Contact framework stands as a testament to the company's relentless dedication to exceeding operational goals and enhancing customer contentment.

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