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A coach on every call

Real-time voice coaching for call center agents

Find Engage AI in Genesys App-Foundry

Supercharge agent performance

We believe the big potential in AI is to empower people, not replace them. Engage AI allows you to understand conversations in a completely new way, through tone of voice. With data-driven insights and monitoring of both customers’ and employees’ experiences, it enhances customer satisfaction, increases agent engagement, brings teams closer together, and works in complete harmony with your preferred contact center platform.

Fully integrated with Genesys

Unleash the power of empathy in every customer call

Show customers you care

Genesys is all about delivering incredible customer service, and now with Jabra Engage AI instantly integrated, it’s even easier for your agents to understand customers’ needs and give them VIP treatment on every call.

Instant customer satisfaction at your fingertips

Engage AI's features are now just a click away for Genesys users. Personalize and refine your customer interactions, improve call outcomes, and gain insights that drive meaningful change in your contact center. Since Engage AI is fully integrated with Genesys, you can say goodbye to any setup - just find it in the Genesys App Foundry, hit ‘Download’, and you’re good to go.

The perfect fit

Engage AI works seamlessly with your existing Genesys setup, which means your teams can instantly get their heads around it. Not only does this save training time, it also creates happier teams, since they can get on with what they do best - serving up excellent customer experiences.

Try for free today

Take your customer experiences to the next level with the integrated intelligence of Jabra Engage AI. Try it now for free to see the difference it makes to your agents’ performance.

Improved costumer experience with Engage AI

  • Help at every level, for advisors, supervisors, and managers
  • Instant feedback with real-time call monitoring and conversation analytics, delivering on-call feedback and guidance to agents and supervisors
  • Post-call advice for personalized performance trends reviews for individual agents and teams
  • Enhanced audio quality on calls
  • Intuitive easy-to-use interface

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Customer reviews

KPIs that speak for themselves

Hearing Care Central, a division of Saint Clair Communication, recognized the value of having a real-time understanding of customer sentiment during live calls and chose to invest in Jabra Engage AI.

The power of Engage AI is that it gives us an instant pulse check on our individual customer communications. Analytical data based on the perception of the caller and how our agent is speaking to them is a real win for us. Our customer experience changed drastically. I’ve been in call center management for 29 years and I’ve seen all kinds of quality improvement methods, and Jabra Engage AI is one of the most effective tools I’ve ever seen

– Christopher McBride,Director of Contact
Hearing Care Central

Welcome to a new way of working

Together, Jabra and Genesys improve agent productivity. Leverage our latest audio technology with Genesys® contact centers, to deliver a consistent and transparent customer experience and differentiating your services from the rest.

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Privacy & safety

  • Privacy first with GDPR-compliant data
  • AI model and analytics run 100% locally on the agent's computer
  • No sensitive data is sent to the cloud

Frequently asked questions

Why is Engage AI better at measuring customer experiences?

We’ve found Engage AI to be the best solution for measuring customer experiences for 3 main reasons:

  1. Engage AI is based on the power of the human voice rather than typical “speech to text” solution which converts the audio to text. Text is good for understanding content, but not as good at understanding customer sentiment and agent engagement and wellbeing
  2. We measure in real-time. Most AI solutions only offer feedback after the call or with large delays. Real-time feedback offers agents the opportunity to fix any issues on the fly and gives the supervisors an opportunity to help immediately if needed
  3. Engage AI is personalized and strength-based. Most AI solutions focus on finding errors (“you are not following the script”). Engage AI gives feedback based on a) agents’ typical performance, always ensuring encouragement in the progress and b) agents’ strength, giving credit when performances are strong more than pointing out errors.

How does Engage AI compare to established ways of measuring customer satisfaction?

Engage AI scores every single call, unlike survey tools that only have a 5-20% response rates and are often biased. Engage AI allows 100% measurement. Typical call monitoring/review by QM only selects a few random calls per agent. Engage AI allows all parties to see the whole picture instead of relying on the “luck of the draw”. And generally, if you evaluate customer sentiment or engagement based on words you have to literally evaluate every sentence. Most sentences will come across as neutral, but their tone will reveal sentiment and engagement quite easily.

Is Engage AI for contact centers only?

Engage AI is designed for people who are speaking to customers, so it is also for e.g., financial advisors that would not typically refer to themselves as “contact center agents”, but where calls have high value and where there is typically some mechanism for ensuring customer consent to analyze the call.

Why is Engage AI a helpful tool for the agent?

Engage AI boosts motivation by giving praise when its warranted – for instance if an agent is delivering their best tone of the month. This can break the sometimes monotonous and tough days. This kind of praise is particularly valuable in hybrid work where supervisors lack the visibility to such moments.

Moreover, Engage AI finds in the data that agent’s tone levels vary throughout the day. For instance, many have a drop right after lunch. Engage AI gives them a small reminder if this happens and helps to pick themselves up and get back on track – and thereby lift the customer experience.

Finally, Engage AI gamifies the call experience by showing real-time avatars of the customer and agent where the sentiment and engagement of the avatars change based on the conversation flow. This delivers an experience you could call “video call without video” that – like a video call – can feel much more personal and engaging – and lift the performance of the agent as a result.

What is the difference between speech-to-text technology and the tone-based technology within Engage AI?

Speech-to-text is a very useful technology in the contact center. By transcribing all the conversations, it can provide a lot of value in terms of contact center automation (by automating the most frequent flows via chatbots or self-service), knowledge base improvements, voice of customer analytics (what are customers calling about), etc.

When it comes to real-time detection of sentiment and engagement, speech-to-text cannot detect the difference between a highly energetic and friendly sounding agent and someone using the same words. And it is very challenging to categorize sentiment and engagement levels in real-time using the words spoken. And finally, it is much harder to scale speech-to-text across different languages, whereas our technology works with any language.

How does Engage AI handle sensitive data and comply with GDPR?

Engage AI does not identify, or attempt to identify, the caller. Engage AI also does not link records for the same caller. Engage AI does not measure and record the words of the customers. Engage AI only measures customer sentiment (from “frustrated” to “happy”) and agent tone (from “low energy and unfriendly” to “energetic and friendly” on 0-10 scales during the call. We do our best to guide customers to correct product usage but ensuring the right level of compliance across their systems landscape is ultimately the customer’s responsibility.

How do I deploy Engage AI?

Engage AI is a software-as-a-service solution managed by Jabra. Each user in your organization will need to have a client application installed, which can be easily set up through MSI.

Will the data from Engage AI integrate into my existing systems?

There is a lot of value in the interfaces we provide directly, but of course you can take the data out and review it in your preferred BI/analytics systems. For this purpose, we have created a very simple data API to extract the data.

Will Engage AI work in any culture, language and/or dialect?

Yes! The AI model has been rigorously tested in most languages and accents and we have not been able to find any noteworthy biases at this point.

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