Headsets are capable of delivering sounds at loud volumes and high pitched tones. Exposure to such sounds can result in permanent hearing loss damage. The volume level may vary based on conditions such as the phone you are using, its reception and volume settings, and the environment. Please read the safety guidelines below prior to using this headset.

Safety guidelines

1. Prior to using this product follow these steps:

• before putting on the headset, turn the volume control to its lowest level,
• put the headset on, and then
• slowly adjust the volume control to a comfortable level.

2. During the use of this product

• Keep the volume at the lowest level possible and avoid using the headset in noisy environments where you may be inclined to turn up the volume;
• If increased volume is necessary, adjust the volume control slowly, and;and
• If you experience discomfort or ringing in your ears, immediately discontinue using the headset and consult a physician.

With continued use at high volume, your ears may become accustomed to the sound level, which may result in permanent damage to your hearing without any noticeable discomfort.

Using the headset while operating a motor vehicle, motorcycle, watercraft or bicycle may be dangerous, and is illegal in some jurisdictions. Check your local laws. Use caution while using your headset when you are engaging in any activity that requires your full attention. While engaging in any such activity, removing the headset from your ear area or turning off your headset will keep you from being distracted, so as to avoid accident or injury.