About the blog

Sound is all around us. At Jabra, our philosophy is to enhance people’s lives through the power of sound.

In doing that, we have a genuine interest in how people interact with each other and the technology they use in those interactions. We are curious about how we, as human beings, organize ourselves – at work and in our free time – to achieve the things we want in life. By understanding what motivates us and how we overcome the obstacles in our way, we’ll not only build better solutions, but also grow ourselves.

Our journey starts today

Every day is the start of something new: new ways of living, new ways of working, the opportunities are endless.

The flow and access of information, both at work and in our private lives, is exploding. We are constantly faced with temptations and distractions, and navigating through it all requires a healthy determination.

At Jabra, we have an opinion of how we organize work toward fulfilling our full professional potential. We believe that with the right culture and the right combination of technology, we can achieve a more harmonious work/life integration, without longer or harder workdays.

We believe that we humans have an innate desire to better ourselves and the world around us. With clear objectives, those aspirations act as a compass, helping us navigate through the infinite options that life offers us today.

At its core, “New Ways of Working” is about organizing work for better productivity. This can be achieved by making conscious choices and better decisions about the culture and technology we surround ourselves with at work. These, in turn, lead to greater worker engagement and more fulfillment in our jobs.

In the same way, “New Ways of Living” explores the basic human aspirations that move us forward, challenge us, and inspire us to accomplish bigger and better things. We look at behavior, culture, and technology that bring us closer to achieving our goals.

With this blog, we hope to inspire and facilitate conversations on how to organize ourselves to achieve our dreams, whether at work or in our private lives. We hope that by sharing and developing ideas, we all may grow wiser together.

Best regards,
Holger Reisinger & Peter Hartmann