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Audio engineering that enabled us to deliver active noise cancellation over the air

Audio engineering that enabled us to deliver active noise cancellation over the air

The world we live in has become increasingly noisy and noise pollution is becoming an issue we all need to consider. Everything from the rumble of a passing train to the loud chatter in a crowded restaurant can have a serious effect on your health. Sometimes, you need a little extra boost to help you filter out the outside world. Which is why for years, our audio engineers have been developing our active-noise cancellation technology to give you full control over your audio landscape. The results of this research and development can be seen across the entire Jabra product portfolio, most notably in our immersive Evolve2 85 headset which features impressive hybrid ANC. Now, our engineers have found a way to introduce a world first, as we recently added Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) to our award-winning Elite 75t and Elite Active 75t true-wireless earbuds, marking the first over-the-air firmware update introduction of ANC into an existing product.

What is Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)?

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) is the process of monitoring unwanted background noise and then creating ‘anti-noise’ to cancel it out. To achieve this in earbuds, external microphones pick up the ambient noise and then the internal chipset gets to work on producing the inverted soundwaves and ensuring that the user gets the best possible listening experience for music and calls. Essentially, the ‘anti-noise’ sound waves cancel out the ambient noise in the atmosphere that would interfere with your listening experience. Think of it as adding one to minus one and ending up with zero. This ANC technology, combined with the Elite 75t’s leading Passive Noise Cancellation, means that the user can filter out the outside world with the touch of a button.

The ‘anti-noise’ sound waves cancel out the ambient noise in the atmosphere that would interfere with your listening experience

Continuously driving new innovation

Using the Elite 75t’s Qualcomm chipset, our engineers found a way to add Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) to the existing Elite 75t and Active 75t earbuds through a firmware update. After countless hours of development at Jabra’s Danish headquarters, users can upgrade their audio experience in a matter of seconds in order to enhance their existing earbuds with the added capability of ANC in a product that they already own.

This update is the latest step in Jabra’s ANC revolution. Earlier this year saw the release of our Evolve2 85 professional headset which features powerful digital hybrid ANC and incredible noise isolation. Furthermore, the upcoming Elite 85t buds have been engineered with the most cutting-edge noise cancellation technology on the market, to give you complete control over how you hear the world around you.

Engineering for purpose is core to Jabra and GN, as we continue to innovate with the same pioneering spirit we’ve carried for over 150 years. As the only audio brand to produce medical, professional and consumer-grade audio technology under one roof, our research is backed by an obsessive knowledge of the human ear and delivering superior audio experiences. Helping you hear what you want to hear by letting the right sound in, and more importantly, filtering disruptive noise out, is just one of the ways we will continue to deliver audio innovations and ANC to make life sound better.

Customized ANC for your unique ears

This unparalleled knowledge of the human ear means we understand better than anybody that everybody hears differently. With this ANC firmware update, the Jabra Sound+ App will be updated to give a fully customizable ANC experience, with numerous different settings to try out until you find the one that is perfect for you. We recommend taking the time to experiment with the ANC customization so that you can enjoy the best possible listening experience.

How to update your earbuds

All you will have to do is open the Jabra Sound+ app and download the latest firmware update for your Elite 75t or Elite Active 75 earbuds – the true wireless buds are now true wireless buds with ANC. Sounds good? We think so too.