Why the future of innovation hinges on technology for team collaboration

At a keynote speech this month in London, global advertising agency Iris Worldwide shared their outlook on innovation; particularly how it differs from everything else an organization does and how it calls for human-to-human collaboration as a key ingredient. The message was clear: innovation requires collaboration. Read on to find out how remote work is affecting office spaces, why there is a gap in perceptions of global connectedness and how technology will be crucial to fixing it.


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Jabra’s new study reveals productivity insights from top management

Photo by Venveo on Unsplash


As the best connected workforce in history, technology has enabled us to communicate and collaborate globally, allowing for new levels of output and creativity in business. With these changes, optimizing productivity has also risen to become a key concern at a global level. And yet as much as technology is delivering on its promises to enhance productivity, it is also creating new challenges and distractions in the workplace, a part of the evolving office spaces and infrastructure and more complex channels for interaction.

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