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Enabling collaboration will be the fuel to innovation

Enabling collaboration will be the fuel to innovation

As globalization, health concerns, real-estate prices and a host of other factors drive the exponential rise of distributed teams, every business needs to have the tools that enable collaboration between both individuals and teams across different locations and time zones.

In offices, that will mean creating meeting spaces that allow for safe distancing, and smarter spaces for people to work, but we will rarely see meetings that are not in some way virtual.

Humanizing virtual work spaces will become paramount in order to maintain creativity, innovation, teamwork, and the resulting productivity gains in any organization.

Digital elements like webinars, whiteboards and screenshare will become increasingly important functions, further enabled by 180° field-of-view cameras that allow for equal participation and inclusion of participants in a meeting room, and increasing trust through the full room visibility they offer.

Body language will also foster more engagement and greater perceptiveness from presenters through these feedback loops, while full duplex speakerphones enable equal bi-directional communication for easier meeting flows and conversation.

Overall, virtual collaboration through audio, video and software will be essential for any organization to effectively run or do business. These strategies should be implemented early on so that external factors that forcing the need for agile collaborative practices does not in any way slow down businesses.