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In conversation with KPMG: How organizations can adapt to support employees in the new normal

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November 16, 2020
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As the reality of a post-pandemic working environment sets in, many organizations are undergoing a fundamental change in the way they do business as they adopt a hybrid of in-office and remote working.

Looking forward, if 50% of work is being carried out remotely, we need to reconsider how people collaborate. Currently, poor quality audio and video are major pain points for many remote workers as many begin to feel less connected to their leaders. This is why 75% of CEOs see digital collaboration and communication as an area that needs increased continuous investment over the coming years, according to KPMG’s recent CEO outlook report.

Digital collaboration can be equally as productive as in-person collaboration, but only if remote workers have access to the right tools and organizational leaders effectively facilitate virtual co-working. Holger Reisinger, Senior VP Large Enterprise Solutions at Jabra, recently spoke with Jens Rassloff, Global Head of Alliances KPMG International, about how organizations can best adapt in order to best support their workforce during this transition.

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