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What Do The Numbers Mean In The Elite Product Names?

What Do The Numbers Mean In The Elite Product Names?

Have you ever wondered what the numbers mean in our Elite products and wondered what the differences might be? With so many models to choose from, it can be challenging to understand the which one is the best for you. Well, fear not, we’re here to help you understand.

Our Elite range uses numbers to indicate the level of features and richness of the earbuds experience. It’s similar to how car brands use numbers to differentiate between their models. The higher the number, the more advanced the model is and the more tech we’ve put into it. Additionally, we have Active variants which are specifically designed for intense workout use, making them even more durable and offering a more secure fit compared to the other variants.

The Elite Range

Let’s take a closer look at the different levels in the Elite range.

Elite 4: This is our entry-level model that provides a great all-round experience for work and play. They come with standard active noise cancellation and good connectivity with multipoint.

Elite 4 Active: This model has all the features of the Elite 4, but with a secure active fit and waterproof and sweatproof protection. It gives you added durability and a fit designed to stay in while you work out.

Elite 5: Moving up to the Elite 5, everything just gets better. It features powerful Hybrid ANC for cancelling more noise and 6-microphone call technology for better work calls or better voice notes.

Elite 8 Active: These are our toughest earbuds in the Elite range. The Elite 8 Active feature our highest performing active earbuds, which is thanks to their great durability. They’re waterproof, sweatproof, dustproof, and drop-proof. In terms of sound, the Elite 8 Active offer Spatial Sound powered by Dolby and Adaptive Hybrid ANC. So you’ll get a lot of tech in these earbuds tested to be the world’s toughest1.

Elite 10: These earbuds are the top of our range, and our most advanced Elite product for work and life. They offer the best comfort, great work calls, most advanced active noise cancellation, and the most immersive audio experience with Spatial Sound and Dolby Head Tracking. They could be your new best friend.

When looking at the Elite range, the numbers in the Elite product names help you indicate the level of features and advance tech in the earbuds. Whether you’re looking for an entry-level model or a high-performance one, there’s an Elite product that will suit your needs. No matter the product in the Elite range, you can enjoy exceptional sound quality, comfort, and features that will enhance your audio experience. The Elite range will give you plenty of good audio experiences to choose from.

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