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Looking at the future unfolding with TED

Looking at the future unfolding with TED

The future is evolving and unfolding. As it does, TED asked, what’s possible?

From their eminent stage in Vancouver, TED2023 speakers explored the boundless possibility of human imagination and achievement. Probing the possibilities of making the world better, more thrilling and more hopeful.

Pushing the boundaries of what was previously thought possible is a mindset that speaks to us at Jabra. And, in a world where a whopping 80% of meetings are either fully virtual or hybrid, we pushed the boundaries to unfold a new, flexible, future for headsets. Enter the Evolve2 65 Flex.

Unfolding the future of hybrid working

When you’re checking in with your boss, or pitching to a new client, that’s the conversation that matters. Not the babble of café chatter. Or your neighbor’s car that won’t start.

Best-in-class Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation which blocks out the outside world, allows you to focus on Colin from Accounts, or that latest true crime podcast you love.

When the world needs your pearls of wisdom, our Jabra ClearVoice premium microphone technology amplifies the bits that matter; your voice and the “ooohs” and “ahhhs” of natural conversation, while tuning out the hullaballoo around you. So you don’t have to repeat yourself. And repeat yourself. And repeat yourself.

When you need to get up and go, the revolutionary hinged design folds flat for a super slim, streamlined silhouette, which slides smoothly into its protective pouch, ready to sling in your bag.

The ultimate portable headset, for the ultimate hybrid worker, deserves the world’s ultimate stage; TED2023.

We were thrilled to join TED as an in-kind partner and outfit TED2023 speakers with their new flexible friend, and colleague; Evolve2 65 Flex.

Now, they can catch-up with clients in Chicago from the café, talk to the team from the train to Toronto and chill out with some Coldplay in the cab home. When all the world’s a stage, now it can be an office too.