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What Is Jabra ComfortFit Technology?

What Is Jabra ComfortFit Technology?

Our newest Jabra earbuds, Elite 10, feature a new innovation from Jabra, the ComfortFit technology. Designed with the user in mind, Jabra ComfortFit achieves its exceptional comfort through a combination of several innovative features. But what is behind this new technology?

Comfort Is Important

With more and more choices to choose from when choosing your next audio device, whether that’ll be earbuds or headsets, comfort has increasingly become a feature to look for. Comfort has become a ‘need to have’ due to the extensive use of audio devices, as it plays a crucial role in the overall listening experience. Jabra ComfortFit sets a new benchmark by seamlessly blending comfort and quality.

With ComfortFit, Jabra has prioritized the user’s well-being, understanding that discomfort and irritation can quickly ruin the enjoyment of music or calls. You might even forget you’re wearing them.

How Does Jabra ComfortFit Work?

The new Jabra ComfortFit consists of several different innovations based on our more than 150 years of experience with Audio engineering. But how does Jabra ComfortFit work? There are three key design points that perfect this comfort innovation:

Semi-open Design

We’ve put our many years of knowledge of the ear and its anatomy into engineering a semi-open design. A semi-open design means that the device doesn’t fully close off your ear, yet it still creates a secure fit. This offers several benefits. A semi-open design allows for some sound in for users who prefer to stay more aware of their surroundings. As opposed to a closed design that offers more passive noise cancellation keeping most sound out. The new semi-open design of Elite 10 also offers a greater comfort due to its shape, as it puts less pressure on the ear canal than a closed design does.

Unique Oval Ear Gels

Not only is the earbud shaped to put less pressure on your ear, so are the ear gels. They are not round, as we usually do them, but oval shaped. The oval shape of the ear gels offer a unique combo of incredible comfort and an acoustic seal for a better sound experience. No less than 62,000 ear scans have informed the development of our new oval shape to the ear gels, to help us come up with a fit that uniquely causes less pressure to the ear canal and simultaneously makes sure your earbuds stay in place. However, we know not all ears are alike, so the ear gels come in four different sizes. Whether you need small, medium, large or extra-large ear gels, Jabra ComfortFit has got you covered.

Soft Silicone

Finally, the material of the Elite 10 earbuds with Jabra ComfortFit just screams comfort. The earbuds are made with a super-soft silicone material coating that gives a barely-there in-ear feeling. It might be so subtle that you forget you’re wearing your earbuds at all when you immerse yourself into your new audio book, favorite podcast or the music of your favorite artist.

Comfort And Quality In One

With Jabra ComfortFit, you get the perfect balance between comfort and quality. You no longer have to compromise one for the other. Whether you are an audio enthusiast, a commute biker, or someone who just appreciates the joy of a great sound, Jabra ComfortFit guarantees a superior listening experience.

Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a new standard in audio technology and discover a a whole new level of comfort and quality with Jabra ComfortFit in the Elite 10.