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What Is Spotify Tap In Your Earbuds?

What Is Spotify Tap In Your Earbuds?

If you’re a music lover, but often find it inconvenient to pick up your phone and open your Spotify app to get music running through your earbuds, Spotify Tap might be your new favorite feature in your earbuds.

Discover The Benefits Of Spotify Tap In Your Earbuds

Imagine being able to jump right back into your music without needing a hand available to pick up your phone and open the Spotify application. With Spotify Tap, you can easily start playing music from Spotify without having to reach for your phone. This hands-free experience allows you to enjoy your favorite tunes seamlessly, whether you’re on a run, commuting, or simply relaxing at home. 

Not only does Spotify Tap provide convenience, but it also enhances your listening experience. Don’t worry about what to listen to next. Spotify Tap provides recommended tracks based on your listening history. By tapping your headphones, you can explore a curated selection of songs that are similar to the ones you love. It’s like having a musical genie who grants your musical wishes, introducing you to new artists and genres that you may have never explored.

Unlock The Power Of Spotify Tap With Your Earbuds

To take advantage of Spotify Tap in your earbuds, you need a compatible set of earbuds that support this feature. 

Jabra products with the feature will allow you to simply double tap on the left earbud and immediately it starts playing a recommended Spotify song based on your listening taste. Is the song not what you wanted to hear in that moment? Then you simply just double tap again while it’s playing, and it will give you another Spotify recommended tune. You can explore Spotify Tap in several of Jabra’s earbuds such as the Elite 10, Elite 8 Active and Elite 4 Active.

Whether you’re a music enthusiast, a fitness junkie, or someone who simply enjoys a good tune, Spotify Tap is a game-changer that combines convenience, personalization, and discovery, all in one (double) tap. So go ahead, tap into the world of Spotify Tap, and elevate your music experience to new heights.