Test your work potential

What is your work potential?

Knowing this will be the first step towards growing as a professional and as a person. And therefore, we are proud to invite you to learn just that at jabra.com , where you can test your professional potential.

Work Potential Tool

Maybe you are the Guardian at work. Or the Game Changer. Maybe you are the Genius in your team. Or perhaps you are the company Guru. We think most of us know deep down, what we are good at or which tasks we like more than others. But often, this insight requires assistance. Therefore, we have set up the Work Potential Test as an online multiple-choice test, which can assist you in unlocking your potential with advice and suggestions on exercises that can optimize your way of working. And at best help you grow as a professional.

The test gives guidance towards attaining the optimal combination of abilities and capabilities. Because perhaps, the capabilities and potential in your office will come out better, if you swapped tasks around a bit. This could even help your team unfold their full potential too.