Cordless ConvenienceJabra Handset 450 combines the comfort of a wireless phone experience with the many advantages of a UC solution. Offering plug-and-play installation, superior audio quality and remote call control, the wireless Jabra Handset 450 is the perfect complement to Cisco Jabber for Virtual Environments. Fully integrated to support the softphone’s call control features remotely, it lets you choose the way you want to work!

YOU’RE IN CONTROL Several features enhance user-convenience and put you firmly in control. Lift the handset to answer a call. Put it back in the cradle to end it. On handset controls allow you to mute calls and adjust volume. A beep-tone will let you know if there’s a call waiting. And the rechargeable battery gives you up to 8 hours talk time.

Wideband audio gives you crystal clear, natural sound. So when you use the Jabra Handset 450, you can just relax and enjoy quality communication!
SECURE AND SIMPLE TO INSTALL Installation is truly hassle-free with this plug-and-play solution. High security DECT encryption and physical pairing (rather than over the air) ensure superior transmission security.

FULL INTEGRATION WITH CISCO JABBERThe ergomically designed Jabra Handset 450 is streamlined for full integration with your Cisco solution – both in terms of call control functionality and appearance. This handset is the dark variant with the stylish Cisco look and feel. Jabra Handset is fully tested by Cisco and Jabra team. Detail Cisco IVT testing is successfully completed. There is one limitation, where Jabra Handset does not hold MUTE state after Hold and Resume with Cisco Jabber. Example – Mute Handset during active call, now put call on hold state, followed by resume. Mute state after resume is lost. We believe it is low impact

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