Jabra Xpress

Jabra Xpress is an online service designed for IT professionals to remotely mass deploy and manage Jabra USB audio devices in record time.

With a set of smart tools, Jabra Xpress ensures:

  • Easy Mass Deployment
  • Smart Asset Management
  • Agile Maintenance

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Easy mass deployment

Simplify IT management tasks and accelerate UC adoption. Choose from two deployment options based on standard Microsoft technology:

  • Jabra MSI File - Classic deployment process to end-user PCs to save time
  • Jabra ZIP archive - Local server deployment option for extra flexibility

"Jabra’s mass deployment tool simplified the migration to headsets and saved our IT department a significant amount of time."

Remko van Ineveld
Loyens & Loeff

Smart asset management

Take control of Jabra audio devices and gain in efficiency.

  • Jabra WMI Provider tool – a tool for full visibility of all Jabra devices
  • Jabra Audio Device Dashboard – for comprehensive status reports and better planning

Jabra audio device dashboard

Jabra Audio Device Dashboard is a combination of a client and a server application installed on the local corporate site to populate comprehensive status reports including: device overview, firmware status, and warranty check. You can:

  • Check Jabra devices' adoption rate
  • Check Jabra devices' firmware versions
  • Check if a device is within warranty
  • Export data for further processing
  • Search for specific devices
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Agile maintenance

Enhance user satisfaction and productivity, and maximize headset ROI with:

  • Jabra Device Updater to update firmware and configure Jabra devices
  • Future-proof devices inventory with free updates

Get all the details on Jabra Xpress' mass deployment and device management features

Remote mass deployment and headset management

Use this simple calculator to see how much time you save compared to manual deployment.

Scenario for calculation:

Enter number of headsets:

Estimated time saved*


*Compared with manual deployment of headsets which are not software based.

The calculations are based on typical deployment scenarios using manual headset deployment vs. remote deployment in the environment described to the right.

Manual deployment was performed by IT supporters. Remote deployment was performed by an IT administrator using Jabra XPRESS and standard Microsoft Deployment Software.

  • Desk phone: Siemens OpenStage
  • Softphone: Microsoft® Office Communicator
  • Microsoft® LYNC™
  • Headset: Jabra PRO™ 9450
  • Headset cabling: Done by users
  • Hearing Protection: Enabled (85dB)

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Find support

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