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Jabra Case Studies

Customer success stories

Don't just take our word for it. From small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, have a look at how Jabra has helped bring people closer with our productivity-driving collaboration solutions.


Bringing Nature to the Classroom with Jabra and California State Parks

The California State Parks PORTS Program brings students closer to its state parks through digital storytelling. To meet the needs of digital-native students who are accustomed to a high level of production quality and park staff leveraging technology in unique environments, PORTS turned to Jabra for innovative, plug-and-play audio and video solutions.

Financial services

Harness AI in the contact center to power customer service

Engage AI provides immediate, actionable conversation insights to drive meaningful improvements and deliver concrete results to power our customer service


Enhancing communications at Guangzheng Eye Hospital Group.

Top quality audio and video solutions from Jabra enhance medical services and communications for seamless and efficient workflow at Guangzheng Eye Hospital Group.


Equipping ORIX Life Insurance with advanced speakerphones.

The new Speak speakerphones have made a marked improvement on the audio quality of meetings, with meetings now going more smoothly – and taking less time. The speakerphones have proved popular and are in high demand; the only complaint from staff is that they want more of them!

Professional services

Headsets and speakerphones prove the perfect solution for hybrid work.

As HR specialists, Persol have high standards when it comes to enabling flexible working. Having introduced Jabra headsets and speakerphones across their organization, the impressive audio quality has made meetings more productive, with staff now able to work effectively from anywhere.


Increasing video conferencing meeting productivity

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Systems More find online meetings now run more smoothly. The PanaCast 50 features next gen video and audio quality, along with advanced features including whiteboard streaming and the Intelligent Meeting Recap feature in Teams for fast, accurate meeting transcripts.


Enhancing livestream program audio and video quality.

Lianhe Zaobao adapts to the digital winds of change by adopting professional video and audio tools for its live news show streams.


Start a meeting instantly with one tap on the touch controller!

Incubate Fund Co., Ltd. has focused on creating an environment where you can start a meeting right away, without worrying about the time it takes to connect or set up a meeting. After installing the Jabra PanaCast 50 Video Bar System, the device starts up in about 10 seconds with a single tap, which eliminates the time spent setting up web conferences every day, and solves the biggest problem.


Increasing contact center performance with wireless headsets.

Choosing Engage 55 wireless headsets increased overall contact center productivity and customer satisfaction at DMM. Increased agent mobility means customer calls are now handled faster, without having to put calls on hold. Agents are impressed by the sound quality, comfort, and durability.


Why Jabra is the ideal choice in global insurance.

To provide timely support to their agents, contact center supervisors need a comfortable headset, which allows them to move freely around the office, while remaining in crystal-clear contact with their wider team. Impressed by their 150m wireless connectivity range, Mitsui Sumitomo chose Jabra Engage 65 wireless headsets for their contact center staff.


Improving collaboration and patient care with PanaCast 50.

As a leading healthcare provider with teams working across multiple locations, Max Healthcare needed to help everyone improve communication. They chose PanaCast 50 for its quick deployment and superior video and audio quality.


Keeping the creative conversations flowing at a leading agency.

The Danish arm of the company — Wunderman Thompson Studios CPH — embraces flexible working, enjoying the benefits of that freedom on creative collaboration. They chose to invest in Jabra Evolve2 noise-cancelling professional headsets to keep the creativity flowing and block out distractions in their online meetings.


Turning up productivity and collaboration, by turning down the background noise.

Superhub upgraded two meeting rooms to Microsoft Teams Rooms using the Jabra PanaCast 50 Video Bar System. This simple upgrade enabled quick and effective collaboration across the company, immediately improving productivity. The company also chose to equip employees with an Evolve2 headset.


Providing crystal-clear calls and accurate transcripts for contact centers.

The Biz 2300 headset offered the audio quality required in order for Aycan’s contact center agents to consistently provide excellent service, across thousands of calls. The headsets are also flexible enough for operators to use as they started to work from home.

Workspace solutions

Empowering global connections with the Executive Centre.

The Executive Centre is the 3rd largest workspace provider in Asia. Since 2019, Jabra has been working with the Executive Centre to enable seamless global connections for their members.


Helping a historic Japanese school, create a classroom of the future.

Kaichi Elementary isn't afraid to make use of modern technology, and the Jabra Speak 750 speakerphone is helping them take online classroom teaching to the next level.


Delivering superior remote learning experiences in Sarasota.

Schools in Sarasota, Florida, installed Jabra PanaCast cameras and Speak 510 speakerphones in 2,500 classrooms across the district – from Pre-K through 12th Grade and Technical College, in order to keep remote students engaged and ensure a more immersive remote learning experience.

Sports Entertainment

Helping Pittsburgh Pirate ticket sales rise above the noise.

With Jabra Evolve2 65, the Pirates’ sales team was able to increase the volume of daily customer touchpoints. This in turn increased the efficiency with which the team can find new customers, sell tickets and keep current customers coming back to the park.


Boosting the productivity and collaboration of SME development in Malaysia.

To improve the meeting conditions, SAMENTA introduced innovative audio-visual solutions from Jabra,with the powerful trio of Jabra Speak2 75, Speak 750, and PanaCast 20. These additions revolutionized call quality, ensuring an enhanced collaboration experience that was smoother and more efficient than ever.


Hearing Care Central drives customer and agent engagement with Jabra Engage AI.

Recognizing the value of having a real-time understanding of customer sentiment during live calls, Hearing Care Central chose to invest in Jabra Engage AI. And the investment paid off, increasing bookings by 30%.


Helping healthcare start-up professionals to communicate seamlessly.

Recognizing the value of purpose-built equipment, HealthDr approached the world’s leading professional audio brand — Jabra. With our products HealthDr were able to offer their employees a crystal-clear audio experience, plus the freedom to move and work away from their desks.

IT & Communications

Increased call quality and voice recognition enhance contact center efficiency and performance.

Japan’s number one IT service provider, Fujitsu has Recognized the benefit of a technology partner with extensive audio technology experience, to ensure the highest possible levels of customer satisfaction and operational efficiency, Fujitsu chose Jabra headsets for their contact center employees.


Sound professionals, Universal Music and Jabra join forces to create a harmonious work environment.

Choosing Jabra made the transition to our new office setup smoother and we didn’t lose productivity. Thanks to the Evolve2 75, all our employees are satisfied with our new open office environment.


Helping Novo Nordisk equip their workspaces.

The internal use of the Microsoft Teams platform has led Novo Nordisk to think about equipping itself with audio and video solutions that are compatible with or certified for Microsoft Teams for a seamless collaboration experience. That’s why they chose Jabra.

Online Meeting
IT & Communications

Enhancing hybrid meeting experiences and meeting equity at Microsoft.

With Jabra, Microsoft creates meeting rooms that are inclusive for both virtual and in-person attendees. Built with flexibility in mind, these Microsoft Teams-powered meeting room experiences can be deployed across a variety of spaces.


Ahrend and Jabra are evolving the traditional workplace.

Ahrend and Jabra offer various boxes as plug-and-play solutions, with no IT knowledge required for installation. Once implemented, this mini office is immediately ready for employees to get to work and focus on their conversation or meeting.


Design experts Alessi choose Jabra for their digital transformation.

Thanks to the collaboration with Jabra, Alessi has made an important leap forward in its digital transformation, improving the quality of meetings. The team has also benefited from the fast deployment and integration with company devices such as PCs, phones, and speakerphones.


Bringing school children together during the Covid pandemic.

When Covid struck De Sprong was in the middle of integrating Office 365 in the classroom for teachers, students and their parents to use. The school was advised to integrate Microsoft Teams together with Office 365, and Jabra made the perfect hardware to bring the classroom to kids at home.

Online Meeting
Advertising & media

Enhancing collaboration for creative teams.

Wunderman Thompson is a global marketing communications agency that provides a range of services to clients around the world. The Danish arm of the company - Wunderman Thompson Studios CPH - partnered with Jabra to deploy PanaCast video conferencing solutions to improve their collaboration experience.

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