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Spatial sound like never before

The sound of a new generation

Still our most comfortable earbuds for all-day listening, now with the world’s first LE Audio smart case1, spatial sound like never before, and even more powerful noise control. Get ready to enter a new dimension.

A symphony of sound​

Spatial sound. But not as you know it. This is audio that’s bigger, richer, and more lifelike than ever before. Featuring Dolby Head Tacking for an even more immersive listening experience, and mighty 10mm speakers, you can get lost in your favorite tracks, movies and more with audio that feels alive.​

Hear the difference

World’s first LE Audio smart case1

Escape flimsy headsets and awkward wires with the world's first LE Audio smart case that lets you stream spatial sound anywhere - without the need for Bluetooth. Connect the case to any device2, such as an in-flight entertainment system, and get elevated audio from 35,000 ft up. Vacay mode activated.

How to use


Plug in Connect the smart case to your device with the supplied dual-end-cable - USB-C or 3.5mm jack.

Pair up Take out the earbuds from the case and hit the pairing button - located on the front of the smart case.

Zone out Stream your favorite tunes, movies and playlists wirelessly to your earbuds and enjoy fully immersive spatial sound (just make sure you have spatial sound enabled in the Sound+ app).

Cloud-like Comfort

Semi-open design

Our most comfortable earbuds for all-day, lightweight listening. Even when playing heavy metal. A semi-open design meets oval-shaped EarGels to relieve any pressure, while the silky soft coating ensures cloud-like comfort from ear to ear. Just don’t forget you’re wearing them.

62,000 ears, 1 perfect fit

We’re pretty enthusiastic about ears. We scanned 62,000 of them just to make sure our earbuds fit any ear perfectly. All those scans helped craft our unique oval EarGels that relieve any in-ear pressure and ensure all-day comfort. So comfy in fact, it’s as if they were made for your ears only.

Next-level noise cancellation

Our best ever noise cancellation is here. 2x stronger than Elite 10 previous generation, Jabra Advanced Active Noise Cancellation™ (ANC) auto-optimizes to your environment, no matter where your music takes you.


Sound demo is for illustration only. Actual experience may vary.

​ ​

6 mega mics. 2 tiny buds.

Keep calls crisp and clear with 6-mic call technology. The collection of mics detects background noise and filters it out of the conversation, while noise-reducing algorithms kick in automatically to provide elite call quality – so your voice is always center stage, no matter how loud the crowd.

Elite 10 4-mic solution

Sound demo is for illustration only. Actual experience may vary.

Listen for longer

Like listening to that new track you like. About 550 times.

ANC on: up to 27 hours (earbuds and case)
ANC off: up to 36 hours (earbuds and case)
Jabra Elite 10 Gen 2 Soft White

Sound never looked so good

Find your style in five timeless shades. Available in Soft White, Denim, Cocoa, Titanium Black, and Gloss Black.

Soft White
Jabra Elite 10 Gen 2 Soft White
Jabra Elite 10 Gen 2 Denim
Jabra Elite 10 Gen 2 Cocoa
Jabra Elite 10 Gen 2 Titanium Black
Jabra Elite 10 Gen 2 Gloss Black
Bluetooth Multipoint

Bluetooth Multipoint

Connect your earbuds to two devices at once with Bluetooth Multipoint. So you can go from music on your mobile to movies on your laptop3 – all in an instant.

Fast Pair

Fast Pair

Easily pair your earbuds to your Android™ device with a simple click.4

Swift Pair

Swift Pair

Easily pair your earbuds to your Windows device with a simple click. 5

Google Assistant

Google Assistant

Get help from Google Assistant hands-free to stay connected when you’re on the go. Get things done without stopping what you’re doing - like playing your favorite songs, texting and calling, getting quick answers, and managing your calendar and reminders.6

Spotify Tap

Spotify Tap

With full software integration built-in, the Elite 10 Gen 2 allows you to effortlessly access Spotify with just a couple of taps. No need to pull out your phone, get past the lock screen and choose what to play - it’s all set and ready to go.

Bluetooth Multipoint Fast Pair Swift Pair Google Assistant Spotify Tap
Jabra ANC

More power. Less noise.

With Jabra Active Noise Cancellation you only hear what you want to.

Noise Level
Jabra standard ANC  
Hybrid ANC   1.3x stronger
Adaptive Hybrid ANC   1.6x stronger
Jabra Advanced ANC™   2x stronger

Create your quiet space with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC).

Whether you’re working in a coffee shop, at home with other people, or generally around unwanted sound, ANC helps you focus on what you’re doing without distractions. Listen to your favorite playlists and podcasts while keeping outside noise firmly in the background, whatever your set-up.

Calm your commute with Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation (ANC).

With more stronger noise cancellation than standard ANC, Hybrid ANC blocks out a wider range of sounds when you’re on the move. Whether it’s the loud speaking neighbor on your commute, sharing the bus with a school field trip or walking next to roadworks, you’ll experience consistently superior sound in every setting.

Dive into a seamless sound experience with Adaptive Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) that automatically adjust to your surroundings.

Our powerful Adaptive Hybrid ANC automatically adapts to the environment you’re in, filtering out unwanted interference from wind and other extremes in real-time. Even if you’re cycling in high winds, running outside in the elements or blow drying your hair in the changing room, our ultra-smart technology muffles wind interference for cleaner, sharper sound. Noise cancellation, pushed to the limit.

Experience the ultimate level of automatic noise cancellation with Jabra Advanced Active Noise Cancellation™ (ANC) for the most challenging environments.

Our Jabra Advanced ANC™ delivers a completely bespoke sound experience however loud your surroundings. Using scanning technology and in-built noise leakage detection, the earbuds auto-adjust for what’s around you, whether it’s the high-noise in an aircraft cabin, the neighbors having a party next door or the thunderstorm that came out of nowhere. Powerfully filtered sound, razor-sharp results.

Recommended products

LE Audio smart case

Simply plug in the case during a flight or to your TV at home (using the USB-C/3.5mm cable provided) to stream the content to your earbuds and enjoy it in spatial sound

Spatial sound with Dolby Head Tracking

The multi-dimensional spatial sound, enhanced by Dolby Head Tracking technology, creates an immersive Dolby Atmos experience that lights up your senses. As you turn your head, the audio moves with you and creates a more natural sound that keeps you in the middle of your music.

Jabra Advanced Active Noise Cancellation

The noise cancellation in Elite 10 Gen 2 has a 2x stronger performance than Elite 10 previous generation, delivering a bespoke experience even in the most challenging environments. By adapting to both your ear and surroundings, the ANC automatically adjusts to fit every ear canal and the environment, ensuring the most optimized ANC performance wherever you are

Comfortable design

With a semi-open design and sleek shape, Elite 10 Gen 2 earbuds provide a light and airy feel, removing the sensation of having your ears plugged. The unique ear gel design makes the earbud sit perfectly in your ear, with a silky soft touch for all-day wearing

Natural HearThrough

New Natural HearThrough lets you stay tuned in to the world around you, cutting through wind noise for clear audio, even in blustery conditions.

6-microphone call technology

The Elite 10 Gen 2 mics distinguish which sounds are background noise and only pick up your speaking voice, so you won’t compete with the sound around you even when it’s noisy and crowded. The noise-reduction algorithms are automatically switched on to provide a superior call performance depending on your activity or location to keep your speech super sharp

Frequently asked questions

What's the difference between Elite 10 Gen 2 and Elite 10 Gen 1?

Still our most comfortable earbuds for all-day listening, this next generation also brings you the world’s first1 LE audio smart case, spatial sound like never before, and even more powerful noise control. Get ready to enter a new dimension.

Upgraded features summary:

  • NEW smart case for streaming spatial sound from any device
  • ENHANCED spatial sound for even more lifelike listening
  • 2X IMPROVED noise management with enhanced ANC and Natural Hearthrough

What is the LE Audio smart case?

Introducing the world’s first1

What is spatial sound?

Enter a new dimension with spatial sound. This is audio that’s bigger, richer, and more lifelike than ever before. Featuring Dolby Head Tracking for an even more immersive listening experience, and mighty 10mm speakers, you can get lost in your favorite tracks, movies and more with audio that feels alive.

What does Dolby Head Tracking mean?

In the real world we hear sound that comes from all directions, so Dolby Head Tracking helps you to experience audio in a similarly realistic way, by ensuring you’re always in the middle of what’s going on. It does this by using intelligent motion tracking sensors to determine the position of your earbuds and your paired device - recalibrating when you turn your head so the audio sounds as natural as possible.

What experience does Dolby Atmos provide?

If you’ve been to the cinema you know the incredible sound setup that Dolby delivers, and now your earbuds can give you the same experience with Dolby Atmos for Elite 10 Gen 2. Unlike other earbuds that send sound directly to your ears, earbuds that support Dolby optimize stereo sound signals. This means you hear sounds from all directions, for a more immersive, realistic way to enjoy movies, games, and music.

What is Jabra Advanced ANC?

Jabra Advanced ANC is our highest level of Active Noise Cancellation that combines bigger speakers and more advanced algorithms. The earbuds measure noise leakage by scanning your ear canal in realtime, and the ultra-powerful ANC auto-adjusts to the noise around you - filtering out everything from planes taking off, to neighbors’ parties, to unexpected thunderstorms - so you only hear what you want to. And with our Elite 10 Gen 2 earbuds you’ll get the most advanced ANC of our whole Elite range - it’s 2x stronger than for Elite 10 previous generation.

Which devices can I connect my Elite 10 Gen 2 to?

They are compatible with all Bluetooth audio enabled phones and tablets7, while the Jabra Sound+ App is available on iOS and Android devices. And thanks to the new smart case, Elite 10 Gen 2 is also compatible with devices that support 3.5mm jack and USB-C audio output

Can I use the Elite 10 Gen 2 with both my phone and computer?

Yes, and thanks to Bluetooth Multipoint you can be connected to both at the same time, making it super easy to switch between devices without having to reconnect7.

Does it work with both Android and iOS?

Yes, it is compatible with all Bluetooth audio enabled phones and tablets.

For more frequently asked questions please visit the Elite 10 Gen 2 support page.

Technical specifications

  • Audio
    • Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)
      Jabra Advanced ANC™
    • ANC on calls
    • Automatic volume adjustment
    • Number of microphones
    • Microphone type
    • Microphone bandwidth
      100Hz - 8000Hz
    • Spatial sound
      Yes, Dolby Atmos with Dolby Head Tracking
    • Sidetone
    • Mono mode
    • Natural HearThrough
    • Noise-isolating fit
    • Speaker size
      10mm | 0.393in
    • Speaker bandwidth (music mode)
      20Hz - 20000Hz
    • Speaker bandwidth (speak mode)
      100Hz - 8000Hz
    • Audio codecs supported
      AAC, SBC
    • Auto resume music
    • Auto pause music
  • Software & Apps
    • Compatible software and/or apps
      Jabra Sound+
    • Sound+ features
      Battery status, Customizable music EQ, Head Tracking, Music EQ presets, MyControls, Soundscape, Spatial Sound
    • Fast Pair (Android only)
    • Spotify Tap
    • Voice assistant enabled
      Siri®, Google Assistant™ (Android only)
    • Swift Pair
  • Fit & Comfort
    • In-ear pressure relief
    • Form factor
      In-ear true wireless earbuds
    • Jabra ComfortFit
    • Earbud design
    • EarGels
      Large, medium, small, extra large
    • EarGel material
  • Battery
    • Music time total ANC off (earbuds & charging case)
      Up to 36 hours
    • Music time ANC off (earbuds)
      Up to 8 hours
    • Music time with ANC (earbuds)
      Up to 6 hours
    • Music time with ANC (earbuds & charging case)
      Up to 27 hours
    • Wireless charging
    • Charging time
      Up to 3 hours
    • Fast charge
      5 minutes will give up to 1 hour
    • Standby time
      Up to 345 days
    • Sleep mode
  • Connectivity
    • Connectivity
    • Bluetooth® version
    • Bluetooth® profiles
      A2DP v1.3.2, AVRCP v1.6.2, HFP v1.8, HSP v1.2
    • Bluetooth Low Energy (LE audio)
    • Operating range (Bluetooth)
      Up to 10m | 33ft
    • Paired devices
      Up to 10 Bluetooth devices
    • Bluetooth® Multipoint
    • Auto power on/off
  • General
    • Box contents
      Earbuds, charging case, USB-C to USB-C/3.5 mm jack plug cable, warranty and warning leaflet, 4 sizes of EarGels™
    • Main unit dimensions (WxHxD)
      19.6mm x 18.8mm x 28.2mm | 0.8in x 0.7in x 1.1in
    • Charging case dimensions (WxHxD)
      24.4mm x 46.9mm x 65.4mm | 1in x 1.8in x 2.6in
    • Earbud weight (each earbud)
      5.5g | 0.19oz
    • Weight (charging case)
      46.6g | 1.64oz
    • USB cable length
      80cm | 31.6in
    • IP rating (headset)
    • Warranty
      2-year warranty (Against failure from dust and water with Jabra Sound+ app registration)
    • LED features and functions
      Battery status, Firmware update status
    • Certifications and compliance
      MFi, Qi, FCC, ISED, CE, RoHS, REACH, Proposition 65, Google Assistant, Fast Pair, Spotify Tap, Dolby Atmos
  • Smart Case
    • Connectivity
      USB-C to USB-C/3.5 mm jack plug cable
    • Wireless range
      Up to 10m
    • Bluetooth® version
    • Bluetooth Low Energy (LE audio)
      LC3, Low latency
    • Bluetooth® profiles
      PBP 1.0, TMAP 1.0
    • Audio codecs supported
    • Audio Streaming

Product support

Support content including User Manuals, FAQs, Video Tutorials, and more.

1Refer to

2Supports devices with USB-C or 3.5mm port

3Functionality may be limited by PC, operating system and application

4Fast Pair is compatible with Android devices 6.0+

5Swift Pair is compatible with Windows 10 or higher

6Google and Android are trademarks of Google LLC

7Functionality may be limited by PC, operating system, and application