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Jabra Professional Services


Professional Services

Engineered for certainty in deployment

We help you deploy and maintain audio & video devices with confidence and to maximize productivity

With the move to hybrid working environments, video conferencing and a digitally supported workplace, we know technology deployments are more complicated than ever. Jabra Professional Services helps you get deployment right anywhere you work, by providing help both before, during and after a deployment of audio and video hardware.

Key challenges we help you solve

  • Deploying in home/office environment with different brands
  • Connectivity interference with many wireless devices in larger offices
  • End user adoption success and transparency
  • Video device positioning and room configuration
  • Lowering IT support hardware tickets
  • Firmware and configuration tasks

We support you through all three stages of the deployment process


Recommendations for training, deployment, and support of Jabra devices custom to project and environment

Proof of Concept and User evaluation support

Dedicated support for temporary period, assist with installation, optimization, and troubleshooting as needed

Wireless density reviews

DECT and/or Bluetooth review for density risks and deployment recommendations. Custom PDF delivered with presentation call in 10 business days

Software demonstration

Xpress and Direct demonstrations for setup and usage and management

Training documentation development

PowerPoint or PDF, custom training material for usage and support of Jabra solution within the end user environment

Training delivery

Presentation of custom training material to end users and/or super users

Product Pre-Configuration

Product packaging, firmware, or setting changes recommended and applied by Jabra prior to shipment

Product Configuration

Product firmware or setting changes recommended and applied by/with Jabra in customer environment (on site)

Product Installation

Product installation completed by/with Jabra in customer environment (on site)

Go-Live Support

Dedicated support for end users and super users during critical days following deployment in customer environment (on site)

Product Configuration Remediation

Product firmware or setting changes applied by Jabra onsite

Dedicated Support

Custom branded toll free telephone number or email to Jabra support during standard operating hours with standard average speed of answer or response

VIP Case Reporting

Product packaging, firmware, or setting changes recommended and applied by Jabra prior to shipment. Quarterly or monthly ticket reporting with presentation to review

Your benefits with a dedicated services team from Jabra

  • Productive users from Day 1
  • Higher adoption rates improve your business case
  • Fewer IT support tickets
  • Higher employee satisfaction rates
  • Save on maintenance costs

In short, we don’t just deliver hardware, we make sure you get maximum value and certainty in your deployment.