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For whatever life brings

Life has a habit of throwing curveballs. Our engineers are obsessed with making sure our technology doesn’t.

At Jabra, our products are first and foremost designed to fit the human ear in the best possible way. To do this, we’ve not only made human factors engineering a core part of our design process – we’ve also turned it into rocket science.

Throughout our generations of true wireless earbuds, we've combined this research-driven design approach with extreme product miniaturization and integration, which have enabled us to fit more people, more comfortably, and more securely, with each new true wireless generation.

Morten Lunde, Senior UX Designer

Good isn’t good enough

Test, test, test. Learn, learn, learn. Test some more. Check for quality. Check again. Repeat from the top. No surprise we’re obsessive about testing and quality control. Our in-house research lab has the ISO 17025 quality system as its cornerstone. That means we work to the highest standards known to mankind. We test and push our products to their limits during development. And then we check them again and again as they roll off the production line. Quality? Big tick.

We sweat all the stuff

There’s a lot of ultra-complex engineering that goes into our products. Take noise cancellation for example. Our latest noise cancelling systems work by combining jawbone vibration and beamforming technologies (beamforming directs your voice to the microphone). So your voice is captured in all its glory, whether you’re competing with the gurgle and screech of a tired coffee machine or battling the west wind howling down a busy street. But we also sweat the small stuff. Like our latest EarGel shape, which took over two months to perfect.

When we first began exploring better voice transmission years ago, it was a passion project – we simply recognized a need for it, so we took it on. Now, it’s grown into a groundbreaking patented system, something truly incredible, which exponentially improves the call performance of our new products.

Allan Mejlgren Von Bülow, Senior Audio Engineer

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