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Jabra Direct
Jabra Direct on screens

Jabra Direct

Engineered to optimize and personalize your headset Smart, secure and free call management of headsets and speakerphones.

Download for WindowsVersion 6.8 Download for macOSVersion 6.8

Jabra Direct displayed on the screen


Personalize your headset

Working in the office, from home, from a café, or during your daily commute? Everyone has different ways of working, which is why Jabra Direct gives you the ability to adjust your audio protection levels, sidetone, and music settings. You can even customize your ringtone.

Audio protection levels

Music settings

Customize controls

Change ringtone
* Settings may vary depending on headset

Control calls from your headset

Jabra Direct allows for remote call control of softphones. This means if you’re using Microsoft Skype, Cisco Jabber, Avaya, or other supported platforms, you can control calls directly from your headset’s buttons. So, you control how you work, and how you use your headset.

Jabra Direct supported OS versions.

Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit and ARM)*
Windows 11 (32-bit and 64-bit and ARM)*
macOS (Intel + M processors)**

*For Windows devices Microsoft.NET 4.7.2 Client Profile or .NET 4.7.2 Framework Full are required in addition.
** We support the three latest major macOS releases. The oldest major version will be removed upon a new macOS release.

Product support

Support content including User Manuals, FAQs, Video Tutorials, and more.