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Flexible Teaching
Virtual Learning


Learning anytime. Anywhere.

The landscape of learning has changed. Hybrid learning is now the preferred method for nearly half of all students, from kindergarten to university, who want to learn in the way that suits them best*.

Flexible technology plays a key role in this transition, enabling institutions to offer a mix of in-person, online, and on-demand learning to students anywhere in the world. This means that however far they are from the classroom, and whatever time zone they’re in, students can still connect to what’s being covered in class – without time, distance, or outside interruptions like snow days – holding them back.

It’s time to reinvent the classroom.

*data from Top Hat Field Report “3,052 College Students on the Good, the Bad and Learning Post-COVID”


Whether they’re joining classes in sync with their peers, or learning independently, 84 %** of students list better access to learning materials – from assignments and presentations to pre-recorded and live lectures – as the most essential element to help them enhance their educational experience, whether they’re learning together with their peers or independently.


At Jabra, we engineer world-leading devices that are designed to make learning accessible everywhere. Our versatile range of intelligent video solutions can record, livestream and compile content, with seamless platform access to make collaborative learning simple.


Our world-leading headsets and outstanding portable speakerphones ensure everyone can hear and be heard clearly in class. Allowing teachers and students to reinvent the classroom, for an education that works for them. Anytime and anywhere.

We’re excited for what this technology means for teachers, and how it allows them to seamlessly, and more meaningfully connect with remote students.
Joe Binswanger
Director of Information Technology, Sarasota County Schools
It speaks volumes that we could set up 2,500 Jabra cameras and speakerphones seamlessly in such a short period of time.
Jamal Guiler
System Administrator, Sarasota County Schools
The Jabra PanaCast and Jabra Speak are the connection between what is happening in the school classroom and the at-home classroom.
Aurangzeb Khan
Senior Vice President, Jabra
The flexible and easy-to-use Jabra PanaCast and Speak enable us to deliver that model in a way that will also allow more pecialist speakers to become part of students’ learning experience.
Pieter Corneillie
IT Director, College of Europe
We knew that video capabilities would be a critical component of bringing the classroom to life online.
Anne Pacione
Chief Information Officer at St. John's University
When looking for a partner to help us equip our educators for the hybrid classroom, Jabra was the clear standout. Not only were they able to provide the devices we needed, quickly, but they also met all our benchmarks in terms of logistics, deployment, plug-and-play ...
Aaron Jaramillo
Senior Director, Educational Technology at Albuquerque Public Schools


Snow days? S’no problem.

Since education is no longer all happening in one place, it’s not just teachers and students who can benefit from flexible technology. With innovative Jabra solutions at hand, educational institutions can ensure parents are kept in the loop too, sharing important information virtually and offering remote parent-teacher conferences that work around everyone’s schedule.

And because our intelligent audio and video devices are simple to deploy, with quick setup, staff can easily coordinate remote collaboration between teachers and students. Which means school schedules will no longer be interrupted by unavoidable closures or bad weather. Sledging will just have to wait for the weekend.

With Jabra, the learning never has to be limited.

Virtual classroom setup in 2 easy steps


Class is in session. Wherever you are.

Modern education gives teachers a huge amount of choice over how and where they want to teach. From virtual or physical classrooms, to creating online resources for students to learn asynchronously whenever and wherever suits them best, teachers and students alike need the right tools to ensure the learning experience is as rich as all being in the same room.

That’s why we introduced even more flexible features, including live whiteboard streaming, to our range of market-leading devices. With Jabra, anywhere’s a classroom.

A rich learning experience. Whenever. Wherever.

PanaCast 50 for the classroom


The PanaCast Series gives teachers the flexibility to teach just like they usually would. The all-new PanaCast 50, our revolutionary video sound bar, is a premium addition to the PanaCast family.


It features the hallmark 180° field-of-view of the PanaCast Series, and premium 2-way audio, for an outstanding all-in-one experience.


Our revolutionary new Virtual Director mode intelligently detects active speakers for the most immersive, engaging experience, every time.


The whiteboard gets a digital makeover too, bringing a traditional tool into a new era of learning for students and teachers.

We needed the latest in video camera technology to seamlessly connect and create cohesion among our various campuses
Stuart Evans
Distinguished Service Professor, Carnegie Mellon University


Educational excellence. Everywhere.

With hybrid learning becoming the norm, teachers need to be ready to set up their class anywhere, with flexible technology that can help them connect to students, wherever they’re teaching from today.

With Jabra technology in their educational toolkit, even snow days and self-isolation won’t be a barrier to sharing knowledge with students.

Enhance their learning from anywhere.

PanaCast 20 & Speak 750 for hybrid teaching


PanaCast 20, our premium personal video conferencing camera, opens up a whole new world of portable, hybrid teaching, with AI-enhanced lighting optimization and Intelligent Zoom for the perfect picture every time.


Our intuitive Picture-in-Picture mode allows teachers to share demonstrations in a uniquely clear way.


Teachers can pre-record lessons offline in 4K resolution, with all of the intelligent features working on the device itself, to offer students learning independently the same immersive learning experience as a live lesson.


Teachers can simply pick up their PanaCast 20, along with their Speak 750 speakerphone, and take their tech with them to the next classroom – or even home – without worrying about compromising on lesson quality.


Innovative. Intuitive. Intelligent.

The change to a more flexible education style has been rapid, and teachers are being asked to learn new platforms, methods, and systems to support their students’ hybrid learning. Institutions need to know any tech investment they make will be effective and easy to use, however their faculty choose to work.

At Jabra, we develop innovative devices that are designed to be intuitive as well as intelligent, so both students and teachers can quickly get to grips with any new equipment, without the need for additional support. Which means they’re free to focus on more important matters, like what the class is covering today.

Take the hassle out of their technology.


Location is no barrier to learning

More students than ever are learning in a hybrid way, mixing physical and digital lessons in a variety of locations. Given more choice over when and where education happens, students can find the learning style that best fits their needs – from synchronous learning in real-time classes, to a-synchronous access of online resources to suit their schedules.

And with flexible, immersive technology to help keep them engaged, they can stay on task and reach their full potential, whenever and wherever they choose to learn.

Focus-boosting tools for concentration when it counts.

Shop for Student

Flexible technology for hybrid learning

BIZ 1100 EDU

Engineered especially for students, the Biz 1100 EDU headset delivers professional-grade audio, with noise-cancellation, hearing protection and easy connectivity to help them find their focus, in a durable, lightweight design that’s specifically developed for hard-wearing, long -term use.


The simple plug-and-play set up of the Evolve2 30 headset, gives students the flexibility to learn anywhere, easily eliminating background noise and allowing them to concentrate in complete comfort all day long.


Poor visuals also make it hard for everyone to concentrate. With listening all taken care of, students need to be seen clearly too. The portable PanaCast 20 is engineered to deliver a better online learning environment, with premium AI-powered 4K Ultra-HD video quality to make the digital classroom experience the best it can possibly be. Whether students are logging in from darkly lit bedrooms or have the sun streaming in on their study area, Intelligent Lighting Optimization reactively adjusts their background to ensure they’ll always be seen at their best, while personalized Intelligent Zoom guarantees they’ll stay perfectly framed, even when moving around.

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