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Technical whitepapers

Read or download important product-related articles.

Noise in the open office

Solutions to boost productivity and take control of unwanted office noise

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Improving DECT density with Jabra Engage

Exclusive, industry-leading technology that gives increased flexibility for your wireless deployments

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Improving DECT security with Jabra Engage

Taking security in wireless calls to the next level: 256-bit AES encryption. 128-bit authentication.

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Standards of Absorbed Radiation

Jabra headsets from GN Audio comply with international standards to protect users against excess radiation.

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Get audio protection with SafeTone technology. Available in Jabra headsets designed for use in contact centers and offices.

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Benefits of using headsets

Frost & Sullivan white paper: Using Headsets to Improve Agent Performance and Customer Satisfaction.

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Interaction and productivity

About improving customer interaction and productivity.

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Communication trends

Frost & Sullivan white paper: Unified Communication, Collaboration, and Mobility Drive Headset Adoption.

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DECT security

About security level and unauthorized access to DECT voice calls.

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Bluetooth security

About security of Bluetooth technology.

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About frequency:

Selecting Bluetooth over 900 MHZ in high density environments.

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