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Dance to the beat of your own drum

We believe you should do whatever makes you happy, and we’ve got the tech to help you make it happen.

The way we work, the way we live, the way we communicate and our environment, are all changing, and that core truth provides our purpose.

We design and engineer technology that frees people to work, live and communicate how and where they want to, equipping them with the tools to live their life to a new rhythm.

Peter Karlstromer, CEO

Keep on moving

All our engineering has one super-single-minded purpose: to make the experience better for everyone. There’s no direct route, and we take an agile approach, following our inspiration and ideas down the highways and byways they take us on until we find the right solution. We know everyone is crazy-busy and on the go these days, coping with noisy environments, from cafes to city streets.

Sound by you, for you

Protecting your hearing is vital, but to us, so is doing it without compromising on sound quality. Our technology is designed to minimize the risk of damaging your hearing whether you’re using an office headset, a pair of sports buds, or even a pair of our cutting-edge hearing enhancing earbuds. Our Sound+ app puts all of our expertise in hearing in your hands in a simple and effective app that lets you personalize the sound you hear to your ears only.

Working the work-life balance

Splitting your week between multiple locations has become so accepted it’s not even the new normal anymore. You’re always on the move, with ever-changing soundscapes around you, so we’ve developed our products to help you make working anywhere just work – from your desk to the coffee machine, and beyond. So you can concentrate and get the job done anywhere – and then get on with the important task of living your best life.

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