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Jabra Call Control Integration for Amazon Connect

Designed to extend the value of your Amazon Connect™ solution, this free software from Jabra helps to improve call centre agents’ productivity.

Installing the software allows agents to control active calls directly from their headset controls (or its control unit).

  • Boost agent productivity and improve Average Call Handle Time (AHT)
  • Integrates and works seamlessly within your Amazon Connect instance
  • Easy to deploy with no coding required and free of charge

The call control integration* provides intuitive call handling on any Jabra professional headset including:

  • Answer, reject, or hang up a call
  • Control volume up/down and mute during a call
  • Put a call on hold and resume the call
*Available call controls depend upon the capabilities of your selected Jabra headset model.

Setting up call control is easy:

  • Download the integration kit and documentation
  • Follow the instructions depending on your setup
  • Add the Jabra Call Control Integration to your Amazon CCP instance
Amazon Connect Call Control See how to Boost Agent Productivity with the Jabra Call Control for Amazon Connect.

Get the software

Access the integration kit and documentation

Easy for IT Administrators

Fully compliant with the Amazon Connect cloud contact center platform and easy to deploy without the need for coding.

Easy for Contact Center Agents

Manage conversations seamlessly with one-touch call control directly from the headset controls or its control unit, for productivity gains and a better customer experience.

Optimize Average Handle Time (AHT) by quickly navigating through calls, workflows, and customer service applications simultaneously.

Handle multiple calls and switch between the customer and supervisor (active call/call on hold) for when assistance is needed.

Integration support

Find integration support