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Focus on Work

Are you being interrupted by the hustle and bustle of the open office?
Here is your ticket to the first 30 min of some much needed concentration time.

The Focus on Work music is designed to optimize focus, enhance processing speed and memory retention.


About the Focus on Work music

The music is designed to optimize the focus of the listener by utilizing psycho-acoustic phenomena that enhance processing speed and memory retention. Our survey of contemporary research indicates several correlations between musical/sonic components and these elements of what we can generally call “focus.” Namely, tempo and affective/emotive intensity are highly relevant: studies show that ‘up-tempo’ music (i.e. anything above 100bpm - which is the higher side of a normal resting heart rate) significantly increases the performance of processing tasks; likewise, free recall and phonemic fluency benefit from background music that stimulates affective/emotive reactions (“happy,” “sad,” and everything in between) rather than emotionally neutral music, white noise, or silence.


Ethan, Director of Sound Design at Pzizz

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