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CEVA Logistics chooses Jabra to help with UC adoption

Twelve months ago, CEVA Logistics in Australia embarked on migrating the company’s telephony platform from a traditional PABX operated system to Microsoft Lync. As an open, all-inclusive telephony platform, Microsoft Lync is being rolled out across the company’s 63 facilities to enhance communications inside and outside of the business.

As a result of this move, CEVA required the supply of highgrade, fit for purpose, Microsoft certified and approved headsets and peripheral equipment to ensure successful project implementation and delivery of the new telephony platform across an extensive user base.

A progressive new partnership to drive UC adoption

To support roll out of Microsoft Lync, CEVA needed to partner with the right company to supply the equipment and help guide and inform the company’s UC strategy regarding adoption of the new technology platform.

They approached three different companies to trial various high quality audio devices. Over a three month period, CEVA specialists worked collaboratively with account management teams from each of the three vendors as the devices were thoroughly tested in field conditions. As a result, CEVA selected Jabra as its partner of choice to build a mutually beneficial relationship to advance what has become a transformative program across the company’s A&NZ operations.

In this partnership, Jabra was responsible for the supply of high-quality, fit for role, certified and approved equipment as well as providing expertise and assistance to drive CEVA’s UC strategy forward.

Choosing the right audio devices

From the onset of the project, Mark Weedon, CEVA’s Vice President, Information Technology and Procurement A&NZ was resolute in the pursuit of ‘fit for purpose’ devices that could be mapped to suit the needs of end users.

Jabra’s comprehensive product range of headsets and peripheral equipment provided the perfect match to meet the diverse needs of the different user base at CEVA.

Mark felt that Jabra’s investment in innovation meant the company’s hardware and software product range would offer a solid selection of products to choose from. In addition, Jabra’s commitment to product development provided the platform for the relationship between the two companies to grow, ensuring devices would continue to evolve to meet current and future business requirements.

“For me, it wasn’t only about the devices, it was about the relationship we could build with a supplier. Jessica Reynolds, Jabra Sales Executive, was always accessible and willing to advise and provide guidance. It’s good to know I can pick up the phone to talk about a challenge and get help finding the solution.”

- Mark Weedon,Vice President Information Technology & Procurement (A&NZ), CEVA Logistics

A versatile, user-friendly and easy to integrate audio range

CEVA selected the EVOLVE 40 as its standard corded USB headset and the EVOLVE 65 for team members requiring a more mobile solution and a device suited for wireless connectivity. The Motion UC was provided to employees who spend the majority of their time on the road while reception functions were given the Jabra PRO 930 wireless headset.

Encouraging communication with Jabra Speak

CEVA chose the Jabra SPEAK 510 and 810 speakerphones for use in the office, meeting rooms and boardrooms.

Since rollout of the devices, CEVA employees have been quick to identify the value provided by the SPEAK 510 units in encouraging collaborative discussions and shared communications. Users of the SPEAK 810, which has primarily been installed in the company’s boardrooms, have commented on the speakerphone’s outstanding performance and clear sound quality

A faster return on UC investment

A risk factor for CEVA in migrating to an IP-based platform and using headsets for all its telephony was the potential for employees to use mobile phones instead, not realising the benefits the new technology could deliver.

For CEVA, selecting high-quality, fully certified headsets based on specific user role profiles and requirements made an enormous difference. Following high user adoption of the UC platform and Jabra headsets, CEVA has gained a range of tangible business benefits from investment in this technology platform, including earlier than expected financial returns.

“Essentially, if you’re not giving users a comfortable, fit for purpose, fit for role headset, they’re going to reject the telephony platform. We wanted to deploy devices to our employees that made them happy to use the technology; the adoption rate is far more successful that way.

- Mark Weedon,Vice President Information Technology & Procurement (A&NZ), CEVA Logistics

Moving forward confidently

The adoption rate of the new telephony platform since initial roll out at twelve CEVA facilities across Australia has been very positive. Excellent feedback has been received from end users on the quality of the audio devices and the use of the system. Devices are now set to be rolled out to a further 30+ sites, and the plan is for the new UC platform to be fully deployed, including issuing staff with Jabra headsets, in all locations by the end of the year.

“From Jabra we have not only received a range of excellent products, but the foundation for a great partnership and a shared vision of introducing the most modern and effective telephony devices and system to take our business to the next level.”

- Mark Weedon,Vice President Information Technology & Procurement (A&NZ), CEVA Logistics

CEVA Logistics


Australia and New Zealand

CEVA Logistics, one of the world’s leading supply chain companies, provides customers with effective and robust supply chain solutions in contract logistics, freight management and ground transport, alone or in combination. CEVA’s global integrated network has facilities in over 170 countries and more than 42,000 employees. In Australia and New Zealand (A&NZ) the company operates 63 facilities and employs some 2,000 team members. The A&NZ Head Office is located in Melbourne, Victoria.

Jabra Evolve 40, Jabra Evolve 65, Jabra Motion UC, Jabra PRO 930, Jabra Speak 510, Jabra Speak 810

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