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Versionshinweise für

Freigabe-Version: 6.6.5
Freigabe-Datum: March 18, 2024

Please Note: Citrix VDI users should not update to this version, remain on your current deployed version and await future updates.


  • New feature: Option to input a proxy CA certificate to setup the Jabra PanaCast 50 network connection*
  • Updated: Improved AI person detection when the PanaCast 50 is mounted above the display
  • Updated: Video quality improvements for sharpness and saturation
  • Updated: Video quality improvements for framing and zoom levels
  • Performance and stability improvements

* Requires Jabra Direct version 6.14.08801

Public release note, edited April 19, 2024


Freigabe-Version: 6.5.1
Freigabe-Datum: December 15, 2023


  • Fixed: Issue with misaligned whiteboard area in certain scenarios
    •  May require the area to be redefined
  • Fixed: Issue with no video stream in certain scenarios
  • Performance and stability improvements

Freigabe-Version: 6.2.2
Freigabe-Datum: October 03, 2023


  • New feature: Intelligent Meeting Space - In Jabra Direct, you can now define a meeting space and only frame participants within that space. This works especially well in meeting rooms with glass walls and even in open spaces with no walls at all*
  • New feature: Microsoft Intelligent Speaker for Teams Rooms - Uses voice profile (max 10 per meeting) information to recognize who said what in transcripts and recaps from a Microsoft Teams Room meeting
  • New feature: People Counting Toggle - Allows anonymous people counting and LED to be toggled on/off in Jabra Direct*
  • New feature: Power Management: In BYOD mode, the Jabra PanaCast 50 will enter a power saving mode once there is no activity detected on the USB connection and enter into normal mode as soon as there is activity detected on the USB connection
  • Updated: Sensor stability - Reduces framing changes when people move between sensors
  • Performance and stability improvements

*Requires Jabra Direct 6.10.25001

Freigabe-Version: 5.2.1
Freigabe-Datum: August 04, 2023


  • Fixed: PanaCast 50 now works with USB 2.0 in Dynamic Composition mode
  • Fixed: Green screen issue for some users in VDI environments
  • Performance and stability improvements

Freigabe-Version: 5.1.0
Freigabe-Datum: February 22, 2023


  • New feature: Enables a Panacast 50 to be connected to a wired or wireless network using the network name (SSID) and a password*
  • New feature: 802.11r support added
  • Updated: Enhancement to Panacast 50 firmware update process with security policies that block USB Mass Storage devices
  • Performance and stability improvements

*Requires Jabra Direct version 6.6.03101

Freigabe-Version: 5.0.4
Freigabe-Datum: November 30, 2022


  • New feature: Status LED will now blink every 5 seconds to represent camera in standby mode with anonymous people count active but no live video streaming. Live video stream status is still represented by a solid white LED.
  • Performance and stability improvements

Public release note, edited December 5, 2022.

Freigabe-Version: 4.1.5
Freigabe-Datum: September 28, 2022


Fixed: On rare occasion Panacast 50 may suddenly stop streaming video and the screen may go black.
Fixed: Accurate perspective correction for whiteboard selection
Fixed: Potential flashing issue when switching back from whiteboard mode
Performance and stability improvements

Freigabe-Version: 4.0.15
Freigabe-Datum: August 09, 2022


New feature: Dynamic Composition – which offers tiled view of up to 4 participants
Updated: whiteboard UI that enables users to select a wider range of view
Updated: people detection accuracy – for better focus on the participants in the meeting
Fixed: video freeze in certain scenarios
Fixed: color distortion in certain scenarios
Performance and stability improvements

Note: Mac users will encounter an issue with updating to this new firmware via Jabra Direct (version 6.2.18901). Please contact Jabra Support for assistance.

Freigabe-Version: 3.4.0
Freigabe-Datum: May 17, 2022


New feature: dual tweeter support
New feature: super wideband audio
Updated: noise reduction level when having high background noise
Updated: audio output in conference calls
Updated: microphone noise performance
Performance and stability improvements

Freigabe-Version: 1.14.2
Freigabe-Datum: November 18, 2021


New feature: ability for Jabra PanaCast 50 to support remote admin capabilities over RJ45 in secure proxy network environments*
Updated: video driver stability and longevity
Performance and stability improvement

*This capability requires a Jabra Direct release planned for later this year to enable proxy configuration of the Jabra PanaCast 50

Freigabe-Version: 1.13.4
Freigabe-Datum: September 08, 2021


  • Updated: Intelligent Zoom now has improved near field detection accuracy within 1.5 meter
  • Updated:  Virtual Director now has improved immediate transition mode and zoom accuracy
  • Updated: Whiteboard image quality and stability improvements
  • Updated: Video performance
  • Performance and stability improvements

Freigabe-Version: 1.9.3
Freigabe-Datum: June 18, 2021


  • First public release