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Jabra Engage 55: the portable professional headset, designed for ultimate call security and quality

Jabra Engage 55
  • Ultra-secure wireless connection with highest DECT security
  • Headset with noise cancelling and voice enhancing microphone
  • Up to 150m/490ft connectivity range – 15x the range of any Class 2 Bluetooth device
  • Works with all leading Unified Communications and Contact Centre platforms

Copenhagen, May 10th, 2022 –Jabra, leaders in personal sound and office solutions, has launched the Engage 55, the newest product in Jabra’s Engage series. Engineered to enhance your communications, the latest headset comes with the highest DECT security with military-grade 256-bit encryption and noise cancelling technology. It also has an extensive wireless range, set to enable hybrid call professionals to make calls whenever or wherever they can, taking ‘walk and talk’ to new lengths.

The Jabra Engage 55 is a brand-new DECT wireless professional headset designed for superior conversation quality. It comes with improved noise-cancelling technology and microphone performance, enabling more employees to have meetings in the same space without any interference. The Engage 55 also offers the best level of security of any wireless headset available, which makes it the ideal headset for those working across all industries, remotely or otherwise.

Virtual fatigue

The average UC user is said to spend more time on calls than ever before. Statistics* show that annual Zoom meeting minutes increased by 3,300% in 2020-21 and there was a 645% increase in active MS Teams users within the same time frame. Research** also found that a person’s credibility in virtual calls relies on their audio quality; the poorer the quality, the less credible we consider someone to be. When we experience poor quality audio online, our brain naturally strains to figure out what is being said. If this is done continuously, energy and alertness is drained, which then impacts wellbeing and productivity. Getting the online experience right is therefore extremely important to ensuring employees’ do not suffer from virtual fatigue.

Crystal clear conversations

With virtual meetings becoming the standard for businesses, it's more crucial than ever for employees to be heard and be able to speak freely with their co-workers or customers without being interrupted or having their voices muffled. The Jabra Engage 55 therefore has a noise cancelling and voice enhancing microphone that removes background sounds whilst keeping your voice crystal clear for more focused conversation experiences.

With employees being in calls for hours every day, it’s more important than ever to protect their hearing. Therefore, the Engage 55 also offers additional hearing protection benefits. Jabra SafeTone 2.0™ provides speech level normalisation, which allows the user to adjust the volume level of incoming calls according to their preferences. The headset also has intelligent acoustic shock protection, which reduces potentially harmful noise levels without affecting the audio quality. As well as this, it has PeakStop at 105 dB, the proactive removal of sudden loud sounds and BalancedVoice™, in which incoming sound is processed to be clearer without increasing the level.

Maximum security

The current trend of remote working makes companies more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Therefore, security is more important than ever. Cybercrime rises due to eavesdropping and the data breaches this causes, and there is the growing importance of safeguarding client discussions, which often involve sensitive information. The Engage 55 includes additional features that make it the safest professional wireless headset on the market. The connection between the wireless adapter and the headset is certified to the highest DECT Security – Level C – making it ultra-secure. It also has additional FIPS military-grade 256-bit encryption algorithms to effectively prevent eavesdropping on conversations.

For added mobility, the Engage 55 features a long wireless range. With a range of up to 150 meters/490 feet, the Engage 55 gives employees the freedom to move around their home or office work environments without compromising call quality. The headset comes with a link 400 USB DECT adapter that is bigger and able to stay securely in place when plugged in. The adapter is not only more advanced than its counterparts, but designed to last.

The lightweight design of the headset also ensures a personalised fit with adaptable ear cups suited for all-day comfort. There is a choice in wearing styles; with stereo, mono and convertible styles, there is an option for every user. To save any issues with setting up, the headset comes pre-paired out of the box with a visible status light, which indicates to your surrounding if you’re busy and don’t want to be disturbed. The new Engage headset works with all leading Unified Communications and Contact Centre platforms, including MS Teams, Zoom, Cisco, Unify, Amazon Chime, Google Meet, Avaya, Unify and Alcatel Lucent.

"Research clearly shows that security is an increasing factor for businesses when deciding on new call technology. At the same time, safeguarding information exchange should not affect call quality, customer satisfaction, and staff productivity," said Anders Hvelplund, SVP of Call-Centric BU and Global Services at Jabra. "With the Jabra Engage 55, anyone who engages in back-to-back calls are guaranteed a superior call experience, and those who work remotely will no longer have to be concerned about eavesdropping and therefore data breaches."

Key features of the Engage 55:

  • Premium open office microphone - Filters out background noise for crystal clear conversations
  • Military grade security - Level C DECT security
  • Up to 150m/490ft connectivity range – 15x larger than the range of any Class 2 Bluetooth device
  • Link 400 DECT USB dongle - with durable ‘puck’ design for easy transportation
  • Professional speech clarity - Speakers optimised for speech quality
  • Works with all leading Unified Communications and Contact Centre platforms - MS Teams, Zoom, Cisco, Unify, Amazon Chime, Google Meet, Avaya, Unify, Alcatel Lucent
  • All-day lightweight wearing comfort - 18-83g, low pressure
  • Protect hearing well-being - SafeTone 2.0 protection
  • Deter interruptions - Busylight on earcup and boom-arm
  • Choice of wearing style - Stereo / Mono / Convertible

For more information about the new Engage 55, please visit: Jabra Engage 55

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**Source: Newman, E. J., & Schwarz, N. Good sound, good research: How audio quality influences perceptions of the research and researcher

PR contact

Claus Fonnesbech

Senior Director, Global PR & Communications, Jabra

+45 2588 4107

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