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Build trust through technology

Citizen services

With hybrid working on the rise, many workers are splitting their time between multiple locations, creating new challenges for governments, who have a unique need to build and maintain trust with their constituents. As more government employees work in a hybrid way, the right tools to enable secure, high-quality communication from anywhere are vital in nurturing and building this trust.

With some simple changes, governments can equip their employees with the technology they need to easily communicate with the citizens they represent, and collaborate effectively with each other, no matter where they are. Professionally certified devices can help them deliver an outstanding service to their constituents, with industry-leading audio quality and call performance, and cutting-edge video technology, guaranteeing seamless, secure conversations.

With 81% of knowledge workers saying a hybrid work model makes them more productive, now is the time for governments to equip their employees with the tools to do their job productively and effectively from anywhere. And with 59% of workers saying flexible working policies are more important to them than salary and other benefits, it’ll improve engagement and job satisfaction, too.


Engaged constituents = satisfied constituents.

To deliver on their promises, elected officials need to work in close dialogue with the people they represent. With the rise of hybrid working, these interactions can take place from a variety of environments, so the right technology is vital.

When government officials can deliver essential services without worrying about call performance or video quality, constituents are more engaged, and constituent satisfaction scores improve. Our world-leading professional-grade technology ensures that every communication between government and citizens is secure, reliable, and uninterrupted, whether they’re working from the office, the home office, or somewhere else entirely.

Improve citizen satisfaction by improving the quality of your communication.


Military-grade privacy technology

Jabra Engage is a series of professional wireless and corded headsets, specifically engineered to deliver outstanding calls in busy or noisy environments.

And because governments’ need for privacy and security is of paramount importance, they exceed international security and compliance standards. Giving you maximum peace of mind, wherever your teams are working from.

Maximum data security & compliance with Jabra Engage 75 & 50


High-quality noise-cancelling microphones and advanced digital signal processing algorithms filter out background noise and surrounding conversations, ensuring that no sensitive information is transmitted from the agents’ side.


Jabra Engage Series wireless headsets actually go beyond the DECT level C security standard with 256-bit AES encryption security, offering robust, reliable security across all connection points in three steps: pairing, authentication, and encryption. The security level of our Jabra Engage DECT headsets has been independently tested and verified by NCC Group/FortConsult, and meets military and government security requirements.


Xpress is SOC II Type 1 compliant delivering the highest level of data protection. All data is collected and managed in a secure way, and is 100% anonymized in case of data breaches. Xpress makes headset management simple, with mass deployment, agile maintenance, and rich call analytics.


Invest in future-proof tech

At Jabra, we invest heavily in building durable, future-proof products. Crafted from premium materials with advanced digital chipsets allowing for continuous software enhancements, they’re always reliable, and always up-to-date.

With Unified Communications (UC)-certification across the board, they’re built to work with all major UC platforms. So however you communicate with your constituents, you can be sure that Jabra solutions will help you do it with outstanding call performance and reliable durability for many years after your initial investment.

Protect your investment with reliable, future-proof devices.

Jabra Government Solutions

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Contracts & Compliance

For those that require digital security – particularly with wireless devices – Jabra wireless headsets employ up to 256 bit AES DECT encryption.

Download (PDF)

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Need technical support?

For product support and warranty-related questions, visit our support pages where you can find user manuals, FAQs, videos, contact information and more.

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