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Jabra Elite

Behind-the-neck headphones

Behind-the-neck headphones, also called neckband or around-the-neck headphones, are a popular style of headphone featuring a support band that wraps around the back of the neck like a collar. Stylish, smart and practical, they’re ideal in a range of situations, from hectic offices to relaxing at home.


Why behind-the-neck wearing style?

It’s not just about the look: wireless behind-the-neck headphones also boast enhanced battery life and have more lightweight earpieces too. When all the electronics you need for a Bluetooth connection can be contained within the collar rather than the earpieces themselves, you can enjoy more time between charges and a lighter, more comfortable experience.


For the same reason, they can offer better noise cancellation too. They’re also convenient: no more fumbling in your pockets and untangling cords to worry about, and with products like the Halo Smart you can even benefit from features like vibration to notify you of calls.

Perfect for contact centre workers, handsfree calls and simply for daily life, behind-the-neck headphones are fast becoming the next generation of headphone design – and there’s never been a better time to give them a try and experience the difference they make for yourself.