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As one of the most modern airports in the world, Copenhagen Airport (CPH) has set the standard in many areas of international air travel. In order to maintain this standard, the airport always needs to be on the cutting edge. That’s why they chose Microsoft® Lync™ and Jabra headsets.


In 2011, CPH experienced its busiest summer ever, with no fewer than 6.5 million passengers taking off and landing at the busy airport. This places great demands on the performance and efficiency of its employees, and also places demands on the IT and telephony platform.

“We found the high quality and reasonable price we desired with Jabra, which was running a special offer on a model that matched our needs and requirements.” Jan Zacho – Sector Chief of CPH’s IT and Infrastructure.

“With the investment in Microsoft Lync and our professional headsets, our telephony has really moved into the 21st century.”

- Jan Zacho, Sector Chief of CPH’s IT and Infrastructure

Owning and operating an airport the size of CPH is a huge responsibility. And there’s a lot to do. In order to carry out the many tasks, around 2,100 committed workers are employed, and are responsible for everything from planning for the Airport’s future service offerings to the daily cleaning and maintenance of the Airport.

As one of the most modern airports in the world, CPH has set the standard in many areas of international air travel. In order to maintain this standard, the Airport always needs to be on the cutting edge. This also applies to IT, telephony, and headsets.


A well-functioning and operationally sound IT structure is the be-all and end-all for a busy airport, where security is at the top of the agenda 24/7. This is the responsibility of Jan Zacho and the 40 IT employees at CPH.

Jan and his colleagues are also responsible for the Airport’s telephony, which was less than a year ago incorporated into IT operations. At that time the job involved: finding and implementing a new telephone system and buying headsets in order to support and maintain CPH’s position as one of the world’s most modern airports.

“Last year, we decided that our existing telephony solution would be phased out in favor of a new and more modern system. We first looked at a range of IP platforms, but soon found that we needed to go in another direction. We chose Microsoft Lync because it was user friendly, easy to access and, not least, had the potential to meet most of our requirements and demands for a modern, future-proof telephony platform,” says Jan Zacho, CPH’s IT and Infrastructure Section Chief.

Microsoft® Lync™ has now been fully implemented throughout the Airport, and now it gives employees access to instant messaging, VoIP call, live meetings, and video conferences. Of course, Microsoft Lync also integrates with Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Office.


To complete the Microsoft Lync investment, CPH purchased around 1,000 professional Jabra headsets. This number corresponds with the number of CPH employees that use a PC as part of their daily work tasks. And the choice of headsets was not by chance. Jan Zacho explains:

“It’s not exactly cheap investing in a Microsoft Lync solution. A crucial part of our choice of headsets was that the price was reasonable, and didn’t skew the budget. At the same time, it was also crucial that the selected headset was of a high quality, because the opposite would make the total solution seem a little cheap”.

“We found the high quality and reasonable price we desired with Jabra, which was running a special offer on a model that matched our needs and requirements”, continues Jan Zacho. CPH chose the Jabra GN9330e wireless headset. Additionally, the Jabra Pro™ 9470 were chosen for the Airport’s switchboard due to those employees spending the vast majority of their work day talking on the phone. The headsets were chosen in collaboration with Jabra’s own High Touch headset specialists.


Investing in a professional headset has many advantages. According to Jan Zacho, one of the advantages is that employees enjoy a greater freedom of movement.

“The purchase of professional headsets allowed us to provide employees with a much greater freedom of movement. Now, while employees talk on the phone, they are free to move around the office, retrieve a folder from the shelf, make notes on the conversation on their PC, retrieve information for the person on the other end of the phone, and many other things which were not previously possible,” says Jan Zacho, who emphasizes: “The investment in Microsoft Lync and our professional headsets has allowed our telephony to really move into the 21st century. The way we work today fits the modern airport that CPH is and must continue to be.”

Studies by Jabra show that investing in professional headsets helps to increase efficiency and motivation. The studies also show that freedom of movement helps to improve the work environment and reduce absenteeism. All of these benefits can be seen in the company’s bottom line.

Copenhagen Airport




Copenhagen Airport (CPH) operates airports in Copenhagen and Roskilde. The company has approximately 2,100 dedicated employees. Copenhagen Airport provides infrastructure, buildings, and service facilities to the many companies that run their operations in the airport. The airport’s common goal is: To ensure that the passengers have a pleasant stay at the airport.


Great demand on the performance and efficiency of its employees and IT and telephone platform.


Microsoft® Lync™

Jabra GN9330e, Jabra PRO™ 9460 and Jabra PRO™ 9470

  • State of the art technology
  • High quality
  • Reasonable price

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