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Best Bluetooth Sports Headphones for iPhone?

Bluetooth is a brand name, but it is also a concept. It refers to the technology that enables a wireless connection between a data storage device like a smart phone or computer, and a receiver, such as headphones or speakers that interpret the data and transform it into sound.

Bluetooth sports headphones have become extremely popular. This means that there are a lot of different models from which to choose.

Which one is best for you? That depends on the features you need. Most of them come with standard features like play, pause, last song, next song, answer call, reject call, pause call and end call. But to meet customer demands, smart manufacturers have begun to add other features and to modify their design.

Design Basics

Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless

Most Bluetooth sports headphones have a simple, basic design. They consist of, a single plastic piece that connects the two earpieces behind the back of the head.

But with regard to the way the ear piece is designed, most headphones differ. Keeping the ear bud in the ear, without discomfort, is the key to great design. Most models use a tight fitting piece just above the ear, and then extensions that hold the bud in place inside the ear. There are some downfalls with this particular design. Not all heads are the same size.

That’s why some headphones have a flexible strap much like you would find in a hard hat that adjusts to the wearer’s head. Other manufacturers have made the entire head piece into a flexible adjustable strap. Either option would appeal to anyone that doesn’t have a standard-sized head.

In addition to the fully flexible band, alternatives to the wrap-around-the-head design have already started to pop up in the market. These include ear pieces that are made of hard plastic that wrap or hook completely around your ear. These can be more comfortable than wearing a band around your head.

Other headphones have ear pieces with a small hard plastic piece that sits just over the front of your ear. The rest of the unit is flexible wire that loops around your ear and comes back to go through the hard plastic piece at the bottom of your ear. Basically it makes a loop around your ear and ties off at the bottom. This design seems to be the most secure fit. Some headphones with this design also come with several different sized ear buds for a better fit, and the unit is water resistant, inside and out.

Another type of Bluetooth sports headphones for iPhone utilizes a hard plastic three-quarter moon design that wraps around your neck, not your head. The earbuds are then detached from the ends of the unit and go into your ears. They are attached to the neck piece using a wire much like your stereo speakers.

The only real down side to this design is that there is nothing holding the buds in your ears, except the bud itself. Therefore this unit would probably not work for most very physical sports.

Moisture Proof And Water Resistant

Whether or not you need water resistant Bluetooth sports headphones depends on the sports activity.

Not all sports are overly physical, and often headset use takes place before and after strenuous activity has occurred, as with gymnasts and swimmers. So it would be overkill if all sport Bluetooth units were water resistant.

Not everyone wants or needs the same options or features. But if you will be involved in strenuous sports activities where you sweat a lot or if you are outdoors, then a water and sweat proof Bluetooth sports headphone is your best choice.

Other Features To Consider

Besides actual designs, there are several options to consider. For example, some units pause the music when you answer a call, provide noise reduction, offer padded ear muffs instead of buds and longer lasting batteries. They come in a variety of colors and even the similar styles are different.

People that are serious about their sports are usually also serious about the equipment they use when they engage in their sport.

So Which Bluetooth Sports Headphones Are Best For You?

If you are into the slower moving sports, like yoga or fishing, you might want something that has a long battery life, or has noise reduction.

If you’re into something that involves a lot of quick movement, perhaps you should focus on headphone fit.

If you sail or run, then you need something that is moisture resistant.

There are hundreds of different activities. It all comes down to what you need, and what you want.

Looking for sports headphones for your iPhone?

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